The Jitterbug Cell Phone – The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

By on May 7, 2013

You show your mom love and appreciation all year long, but she deserves a day that is dedicated to honoring all that she is.  Every May, Mother’s Day give us an opportunity to honor our mothers and let them know how much they mean to us.

Finding the right gift for mom can be tricky.  Mother’s Day is a holiday traditionally filled with flowers and trinkets, so let your gift this year be something that she will truly use.  GreatCall, the company that has set the standard for easy-to-use cellphones, has special a Mother’s Day offer to make getting a cell phone for your mom even easier.

In today’s digital and wireless world, having a cellphone has become a necessity and a way of life.  Offering safety, convenience, and peace-of-mind, a cell phone is the number one tool of the modern world.

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The Easy-to-Use Cell Phone

Cell phones today tend to be complicated, have tiny buttons, and are not intuitive – making them intimidating to many aging consumers and those with limited technical experience.  To help make cell phones accessible to everyone, GreatCall offers the Jitterbug Plus, a simple and easy-to-use cell phone.  Featuring large buttons, an enhanced speaker, a large display screen, built-in camera, and clear navigation, the Jitterbug Plus is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom.

Smartphone Made Easy

For the more technical adapt parent, GreatCall offers a simplified smartphone, the Jitterbug Touch.  Combining the power of a smartphone with traditional Jitterbug ease-of-use the Jitterbug Touch features a large LCD touch screen, apps capability, an enhanced speaker, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, and a built-in camera.  Give your mom a smartphone that she will actually want to use.

Mother’s Day Special Offers

Visit for GreatCall’s Mother’s Day specials. Save $20 on the Jitterbug Plus or Jitterbug Touch as well as receiving a free car charger.  With GreatCall, shipping is always free, and for an additional $5 we will package your mom’s new phone in a beautiful decorative box.

This Mother’s Day give your mom a cell phone she will love to use!

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The Jitterbug Cell Phone – The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift