Advertise is the No.1 resource and magazine for women over 50 in the world with almost 1 million readers globally. covers everything for a woman from “Beauty-to-Business” with our primary goal – To encourage women to live better physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually!

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LivingBetter50 focuses on the positive attributes of aging and looks for opportunities to encourage women. LivingBetter50 helps women make healthier choices through the articles, stories, and testimonies shared on the online magazine for women over 50.

As a division of AIM Media, LivingBetter50 offers many opportunities for our advertisers to spread their message in the digital world.

LivingBetter50 Media Kit

advertiseThe demographics of the LivingBetter50 readership have a total buying power of $7 Trillion. Considering that most purchasing decisions in the household are made by the LivingBetter50 readers, branding and marketing efforts toward our readership will generate the greatest return on investment for our advertisers.

There has been a move to digital and mobile! 52% of the readers of read our informative articles on their Phones. As the No.1 online magazine for women over 50, there is no better location for you to find women over 50 globally.

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LivingBetter50 Celebrating 10 Years!

advertiseLivingBetter50 was founded in 2011. For the past 10 years, LivingBetter50 has diligently worked to be the encouraging voice to women over 50. Our content educates women over 50 on living a healthy lifestyle where they are living their best life. 

Celebrate the previous 10 years of LivingBetter50 and the next 10 years to come!

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The LivingBetter50 2021 Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2022Many women over 50 have found the LivingBetter50 Gift Guide a valuable resource each year to plan their holiday shopping. With direct links to your website and products, the Gift Guide makes the buying process more convenient. The women scrolling through our gift guide will more efficiently complete their shopping online with your store!

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