Cinco de Mayo Recipe Staples

By on May 5, 2013
cinco de mayo dip

By Meredith Kimelblatt –

Hosting a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend? Since the most memorable part of any get together is always what’s being served, be ready to celebrate with zesty Mexican recipes that pack a real punch. The best Mexican recipes aren’t complicated or time consuming, making them perfect for when you’re hosting a crowd. Make any—or all—of these classic dishes for a Cinco de Mayo spread that your guests will go crazy over.

You’ll be guaranteed lots of empty bowls and even more satisfied tummies:

•    Guacamole Guacamole is the ideal party dip: it’s creamy, filling, and delicious without being bad for you! Avocados are a wonderful source of healthy fats and guacamole recipes are some of the easiest to make. Serve with tortilla chips or sliced veggies for a healthier option that you won’t have to feel guilty about. If you have leftovers, try guacamole on top of a chicken sandwich or mix it with eggs for a hearty breakfast.

•    Queso Dip There’s nothing more satisfying than crispy chips covered in spicy queso dip, a definite staple of any Cinco de Mayo party. Try out this queso recipe for one of the simplest and most delicious appetizers out there—it only requires 2 ingredients and is guaranteed to be one of the first things to disappear from your appetizer table.

•    Nachos Crunchy, melty and covered in spicy meat and beans, it doesn’t get any better than a hot plate of nachos. Whether you go the vegetarian route and top your nachos with beans and jalapenos, or load up your tortilla chips with chicken or ground beef, nachos make a filling appetizer or easy main course option.

•    Quesadillas Quesadillas take a little more time than microwaving a plate of nachos, but they’re more than worth the effort. Stuff tortillas with as much cheese as possible and whatever other toppings you’re in the mood for; jalapenos, mushrooms, spinach, beans, chicken and even barbeque sauce are delicious tucked between two toasty tortillas.

•    Tacos If you’re having a bigger group over for dinner, consider putting tacos on the menu. Having a make-your-own taco bar is a fun way to serve dinner since every guest can customize a plate to his or her liking. Put out bowls of tortillas, ground beef or chicken, tomatoes, salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream for an easy assembly line.

Try one or all of these dishes this weekend for a festive and delicious Cinco de Mayo! Author Bio: This is a guest post by Meredith K. on behalf of Ro*Tel®. For more Cinco de Mayo inspiration and other easy weeknight recipes, visit

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Cinco de Mayo Recipe Staples