8 Great U.S. Vacation Spots for Boomers

By on March 1, 2015

By M. Simpson−

When you’re 50 or older, the last thing you want on your long-awaited and much-deserved vacation, is to suddenly discover you’ve been tossed together in a beach hotel with two thousand college students partying 24/7 during spring break week. When that happens, it’s no longer a vacation. It’s just a big fat headache.

There are plenty of destinations, as well as types of vacations, well-suited for Boomers. Whether you’re going stag, with your husband or wife, or with your children and grandchildren, all kinds of vacations are waiting to satisfy your itch to travel and sight-see. And, at most of these locations, you won’t have to worry about being crowed out by hoards of partying college students every time you leave your room.

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 Vacation Spots Fit for the 50+ Crowd:

  1. Niagra Falls

The top three reasons this is such a great tourist/vacation spot: 1. You’ll never be crammed together with large numbers of inebriated college students. 2. It’s one of the most beautiful, affordable, well-known tourist spots in the U.S. 3. It’s accommodating and enjoyable whether you’re single, a couple or with your family or friends.

2. Branson, Missouri8 vacation spots baby boomers2

While Las Vegas appeals to seniors and young adults alike, it also comes with a fairly hefty price tag. Branson, Missouri is like an affordable mini Las Vegas. Branson is known for its live entertainment – it has more theaters than anywhere else in the world. Here you have your pick of comedy clubs, dinner theaters, concerts, musicals and more, not to mention the casinos.


  1. New Orleans

We could easily write an entire article on vacationing in New Orleans. But consider budget trips like the 3-day stay or over 25 great attractions you can visit for free in the French Quarter, Downtown and around the city, including the French Market, St. Louis Cathedral, Cities of the Dead and free festivals all year round. Throw in the rich culture of jazz, art, Creole and French-infused foods and atmosphere, and it’s pretty impossible not to have a crazy fun vacation.

  1. Green Valley, Arizona

Golf is a sport enjoyed by seniors everywhere, and there’s plenty of course action in Green Valley. Also a popular place for retirement lifestyle and assisted living, Green Valley offers popular attractions such as the Whipple Observatory, Tubac Village and tons of choices for recreation and entertainment.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Peaceful. That’s the first word that comes to mind when envisioning a vacation to Lake Tahoe. Called the “Jewel of the High Sierra,” it’s North America’s largest alpine lake. Lake Tahoe offers Californian sunshine and Las Vegas nightlife, as well as unique attractions like Tahoe Treetop Adventure and other aerial adventure parks, boating, skiing, shopping and plenty of posh dining choices.8 vacation spots baby boomers4

  1. Alaska

The best way to vacation in Alaska is via cruise ship. Whale spotting, huge glaciers and snowy mountains, cozy fires and local Inuit and Native American tourist spots are just some of the many things that make an Alaskan cruise memorable.

  1. Florida

We all know this is pretty much the favorite place for both retiring and v8 vacation spots baby boomers3acationing seniors. Whether its Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami Beach, the Keys, South Beach or any other warm and sunny coast – you can’t go wrong with pretty much any Floridian vacation. Well, as long as you don’t go during spring break.

8. Atlantic City, NJ

What do you get when you combine a much less expensive Las Vegas with an east coast beach?- Atlantic City. It’s often referred to as the East Coast Las Vegas, but really it’s more of an east coast resort and boardwalk than it is a mimicry of Vegas. Sure there are plenty of casinos and nightlife activities to pick from, but there’s also plenty of boardwalk entertainment, sand, waves and sunshine. The biggest plus, of course, is that a trip to Atlantic City is much kinder to your wallet than Las Vegas… that, and, there’s no fishing, crabbing, boogie-boarding or walks along the beach in Vegas.

There are plenty of places in Europe, Africa and Asia that most seniors and Boomers would love. But if you’re on a budget, these locations are a great place to start your retirement sightseeing.

 M.E. Simpson is a freelance writer and content marketing professional, who writes for numerous online and print publications. She currently resides in south-central PA and enjoys zumba and playing the piano.

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8 Great U.S. Vacation Spots for Boomers