The Real Reason You Hate Going to Work

By on March 1, 2015

By Kathy Brunner−

No, it’s not because the pay is bad, or the work is hard, or your boss is a jerk or even that you dislike the people you have to work with. NO! That’s not the real reason you hate going to work.

And it’s not because it takes up precious time you could be doing something you would much rather do or that it sucks the life out of your days or nights and leaves you little time for the things you enjoy. Sure it might be more tolerable if you only had to do it sporadically or for much less time than you have to put into it but, That’s not the real reason you hate going to work either.

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Maybe you can’t find a purpose or enjoyment in anything you are doing. Sure, lots of people have jobs that appear rewarding. Maybe you do too, but if you are not feeling emotionally rewarded by your job, if it has become stale and monotonous, if there is no sense of achievement at the end of your day because you simply have checked out for more than a paycheck then you probably are among the many people who go to a job each day looking for a way out.  But that’s still not the real reason you hate going to work.

What if you could find what matters to you and create a career around that? What if you felt a sense of purpose about what you were creating and what if you were able to be in charge of your day, your week, your life? What if you were in control of what you earned, how much you really are worth, what hours you work and who you chose to do business with? Sounds like a far better scenario, right?

Because, The REAL REASON YOU HATE GOING TO WORK is you are on loan to someone else to help them build THEIR dream, not YOURS!

Your time, resources, energy, education are valuable and when you outsource them so someone else (called your employer) benefits from them, it’s a little bit like selling your soul, isn’t it?

How many times have you wanted to make your dreams work for you?

How many times have you wanted to stop the nonsense you settle for everyday and start working for yourself?

How many times have you told yourself it’s time to develop an action plan and be your own boss?

And how many times have you just said the same, blah, blah, blah and then just got in the wheel and continued to do the same old hamster routine over and over again, knowing little more than the cage you are in and the scenery that never changes?

Isn’t it time you LOVED your job because it was YOUR JOB and not the job you do for someone else?

Kathy Brunner is a certified career coach at If you’re finally ready to live your dream, contact her and check out how she can help you make the jump from day job to dream job…NOW.


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The Real Reason You Hate Going to Work