4 Ways To Make Moving Homes Easier Over 50

By on November 24, 2021
moving homes

Moving homes is a trying experience for anyone, but it can be especially difficult if you’re over the age of 50 when you have a busy career and family life. No one likes change, and that’s even more true when a person has lived in a house or apartment for years. However, moving is often necessary – whether due to the sale of a house or downsizing from an empty nest. If you’re over 50 and getting ready to move, try the following tips to make moving homes easier:

Create (And Stick To) A Moving Timeline

The one good thing about being over 50 is that you have a lot more life experience compared to when you were younger. This includes all the mistakes you may have made when moving earlier. As the saying goes – “If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail”.

Therefore, a moving timeline will force you to map out all the tasks and subtasks associated with the move.

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For example:

  • Making a list of furniture to keep and belongings that can be donated, sold or thrown away
  • Ordering moving boxes
  • Getting quotes from movers
  • Disconnecting gas/electricity/water/internet utilities
  • Organizing gas/electricity/water/internet utilities for the new address
  • Redirecting mail from the old address to new
  • Getting quotes for end-of-lease cleaners (if you rent)
  • Buying packing materials and accessories (tape, scissors, bubble wrap)

You will likely find that moving is one of those time-consuming tasks that can take weeks to finally complete if you don’t have a deadline in place.

Pack Your Prized Belongings Yourself Then Outsource The Rest

Hiring the right removalist is quite possibly the smartest decision that you can make. Although it may seem ideal to pack everything yourself (so you can keep costs low and avoid hidden fees), some things really are best left to the professionals. Hiring a removalist with Muval enables you to take advantage of their strength and stamina, as well as their experience in packing and transporting items of all shapes and sizes.

However, there may be certain belongings that are fragile or have significant sentimental value that you may want to move.

Find Friends And Family To Help You Move

Even when you hire movers for the big and bulky items, you will discover that there are lots of small things that require organizing and packing. This is where having family and/or friends to assist on a “working bee” day can be very helpful.

For example, you can assign different areas of your home to different groups of people. They can assist you with packing things in boxes properly, labeling them with marker pens clearly so that you know what is in each box when unpacking at the new home.

Not only can it be a great bonding exercise, but you can also treat them to a delicious home-cooked (or catered) meal once you have settled into your new home (with their help). These baked parmesan meatball sliders will definitely be well received!

Sell The Old And Buy New Furniture

One of the best ways to make moving homes easier over 50 is to sell all junk and buy new furniture, appliances, and electronics. You don’t need to keep the old, broken stuff that’s just taking up space in your new home. Rather than dragging along that old microwave, entertainment center, or sofa bed, sell junk to make extra cash – then take that money and buy new sofa bed, microwave, or entertainment center you’ll love!

Moving homes can be a stressful experience for anyone at any age. However, if you’re an older person, you will need to make some extra preparations to ensure the experience goes smoothly. By following these simple tips, you should be moving in no time!

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4 Ways To Make Moving Homes Easier Over 50