A Comprehensive Guide To The Perfect “Self-Care” Day

By on November 24, 2021
self care

The phrase “self-care” is one that is banded about regularly these days, and this is an unequivocally positive and necessary change. Thankfully, it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to request time-out from your busy and jam-packed life for some quality “me time,” so with that in mind, continue reading for a comprehensive guide to the perfect self-care day. 

Treat Yourself To Some Delicious Vegan Food

Taking yourself out for a delicious and peaceful meal is a fabulous alternative to having to cook for yourself—especially on your self-proclaimed self-care day. 

Nutritious, aesthetically pleasing, and absolutely scrumptious vegan meals such as Caribbean jerk are a fantastic way of ensuring you have all the energy you need to practice your self-care day. 

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Have A Relaxing And Candlelit Bubble Bath

There is a wide plethora of positive benefits to your emotional health and wellbeing in taking a relaxing and piping-hot bubble bath, while being surrounded by candles and reading a good book.

Leave all your electronics at the door: one, because electronics and water certainly do not mix; and two, because the idea of this day is to lie still and be peaceful in your own thoughts. 

Take A Walk In Your Local Park

There are a multitude of advantages to taking yourself on an early morning or early evening walk around your local park, regardless of the time of year. 

Nature is one of the fundamental elements of life that can calm and reconnect the physical body and proverbial soul, and getting outside in the fresh air has a host of positive impacts on one’s frame of mind. 

Such benefits include, but are in no way limited to: 

  • Walks in nature can lift low mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Walks in nature can build focus and attention
  • Walks in nature can inspire creativity
  • Walks in nature are great for motivation
  • Walks in nature can actually improve cognitive processes and memory function

Empty Your Mind With A Pen And Paper

Whether you are having a particularly stressful and busy week and desperately need alone time and a chance to recharge, or you are trained in taking a day out of your hectic schedule every so often to focus on your mental health, there is nothing more productive and cleansing than emptying your mind with a pen in hand and a notebook in which to write down your thoughts, feelings, or worries.

Perhaps you are a particular lover of stationery and would enjoy browsing for the perfect, aesthetically attractive notebook in which you can write down your thoughts; or moreover, you may be perfectly happy with any old scrap of paper and a biro lying around in the kitchen drawer.

Either way, sit yourself down with a steaming-hot cup of coffee, tea, or any other tipple you fancy, and simply write down every single thought, worry, plan, or problem that is currently residing in your head. You will be truly amazed at just how much better you feel having done so.

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A Comprehensive Guide To The Perfect “Self-Care” Day