How To Make The Most Of Downsizing Your Home

By on February 10, 2019

It’s only ever when you have to move homes that the amount of stuff around suddenly seems like too much. When did you get so many random vases? Was it ever a good idea to invest in DVDs with director commentary? Furniture presents a unique challenge, some things are horribly bulky difficult to move, others don’t look like they would survive an hour in the back of a van. Downsizing, whether by necessity or desire, is always going to be tricky but there are definitely some things you can do to make the process easier.


This is often repeated advice but nevertheless it’s good advice to hear again. We all have too much stuff and going through it systematically will only make you realise that you have even more than you thought. Don’t make the mistake of moving clutter from one space to another with the promise of sorting it out then – you’ll never do it and it will have to go live in a storage space, costing you money. Let Marie Kondo provide some de-cluttering inspiration and let go of the items that have no use in your life.

Double Use

Space is precious and even if you’re lucky enough to have a second bedroom, you might not be that keen on keeping it as a spare or guest bedroom. After all, you host sometimes but you could make use of that space daily. The solution? A sofa bed! It’s possible to find one that looks great in its folded state and doesn’t give guests back problems, a win/win basically. Sofa beds are the secret heroes of small spaces, pulling double duty when the time calls for it.

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To save even more space, look for extending tables, be it coffee or dining. Stackable coffee tables can even double up as seating if the situation calls for it whilst extending dining table will come in handy the few times a year you decide that throwing a last minute dinner party for all your nearest and dearest is a great idea.


We hold onto a lot of stuff because they hold memories, were gifted to us or are simply sentimental. But if all this stuff is buried in a box or drawer, is it really getting the chance to produce those nice feelings? Put them to good use by rehoming the items you can’t display and find a spot for the things you truly want to keep. Turn photos into wall art, even creating gallery wall, to get a daily reminder of special life moments and your loved ones. Digitise the rest (photos, recordings, videos, documents, and more) to free up mental and physical space.

Ultimately, downsizing is all about approaching your belongings with mindfulness. Think rationally about the things you want to keep, making real space for the sentimental items you’d like to have around, and letting go of everything else. Approach furniture shopping with the eye for functionality as well as design to maximise the space in your home without compromising on style or entertainment opportunities.


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How To Make The Most Of Downsizing Your Home