How To Study For A Nursing Degree At Home

By on November 24, 2021
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Studying for a nursing degree is intense at the best of times, but when attempting to complete your course from home, there is an added challenge that can be difficult to overcome. This is because working from home is far trickier than it first appears. While it sounds blissful to say you can study from the comfort of your bedroom or the convenience of your kitchen, the truth is rather less utopian. 

There are several reasons for this. 

Firstly, attempting to trick your brain into focusing in an environment where it has been trained to relax is not the work of a moment. You will likely have a lot of distractions available to you, from the TV remote at the end of the sofa, the comfort of your bed which tempts you back for naps every few hours, your family who are being unwittingly disruptive in the living areas, and the temptation to take longer breaks between studying. 

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Secondly, your home may not be set up correctly to aid productivity. While you can never get away from the fact that it will always be your home, and therefore not as suitable as a library or classroom, you can do your best to transform it into an effective work environment. 

In fact, one of the major benefits of studying for your nursing degree from home is that you can personalize your working environment. If you enjoy having a particular desk set-up, need to take regular breaks to aid focus, or enjoy blaring music loudly while you study, then you can do it without anyone interrupting you. 

However, if you are stuck for ideas about how to optimize your studying environment, you might feel like you aren’t getting the best out of yourself or your course. If this is the case, learning a few tips about home studying and concentration may help you to improve your home studying.

This is how to study for a nursing degree at home:

Choose the right degree for you

Before you can start concerning yourself with concentration techniques, types of office chairs, and finding desk space, you need to have a nursing degree to study.

Naturally, this is a huge decision because you need to select a course that allows you to study from home and pursue the nursing career you want. 

Thankfully, there are now a number of different online courses which allow you to balance your medical studies with your existing lifestyle. This means you can continue with your current routine – whether that includes a job or social life – without having to make huge compromises. 

For example, if you wanted to become an Oklahoma nurse practitioner, then you could plan the course around a schedule that suits your unique requirements. This includes the time of day in which you work. Some people are night owls, and suffer from poor concentration and low energy levels when they are forced into a campus for 9AM lectures. 

Instead, you can work whenever you like, as long as you get it done by the deadline. 

Make sure you have the right learning environment to work in

One of the most crucial aspects of studying from home is getting your work environment sorted. If you are compromised by an uncomfortable seat, disruptive background noise, or an environment that is clearly ill-suited to prolonged focus, then your degree could be negatively affected. 

The key to an effective learning environment starts with the room itself. If you are working in a living area – such as the kitchen or living room – then you are likely to suffer from frequent distractions. If a family member walks in to get some lunch, they cannot be blamed for causing a disturbance or trying to talk to you. It’s simply time to find a new area to work in. 

The best place to work is somewhere cut off from the main living areas, but which isn’t associated with relaxation.

It is for this reason why home offices are so useful. You have all the convenience of working from home, without the association with rest and relaxation. A bedroom is associated with sleep, which makes the temptation to yawn, kick back, and take a nap during studying hours all too real.

If you do have to work in your bedroom, try and position the desk so that it faces away from the bed and create a space conducive to learning. This might involve filing all your work neatly next to the desk, ensuring the room is free of clutter and that you are not likely to be disturbed during studying hours. 

Optimize your desk space 

Following on from the previous point, your desk needs to be as organized as possible. While it is true that some people work better with messy workspaces (or at least it indicates a creative mind), you are trying to learn complex medical theory, not paint a picture. Keep it neat.

If you are stuck for space, consider investing in clever storage solutions that will maximize the room you do have. This will help keep your work safe and organized, which will be especially useful when you come back to revise for exams later on. 

Try and maintain an income stream through a job or side hustle

If you want to keep your studying sustainable, it may be a good idea to keep an income stream flowing while you are studying for your nursing qualifications. 

The extra time offered by your online course allows you to seek out work opportunities in your free time. This could involve anything from working within the healthcare industry (gaining useful experience) to profiting from a skill you happen to have (such as Photoshop or marketing). 

Having money coming in will stop you from worrying about how you are going to fund your course and allow you to focus on the studying itself. 

Don’t forget to exercise

Of course, as with all desk work, you need to remember to exercise during your breaks. There is no getting around the fact that studying is a sedentary activity, so getting your heart pumping with some physical exercise will keep your body healthy, mind sharp and sleep deep. 

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How To Study For A Nursing Degree At Home