Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Active Adult Community

By on June 14, 2017
Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Active Adult Community

By John Manrique –

With all of the benefits of living in an active adult community, opting for this lifestyle is the easy part. Nailing down the right location, type of community, desired amenities, your priorities and ideal home design is where the challenges can come in.

It’s a big undertaking, but extremely rewarding when homebuyers find the perfect residence for them and their families. Starting with that objective in mind, the first step is prioritizing, and below are four essential items to consider when choosing an active adult community.

Location, Location, Location

Community location is paramount – is sipping a glass of wine by a lake, taking a long walk on a beach or living in the hub of a major metropolitan city the desired setting?

According to, the most popular place in the U.S. to retire or relocate in preparation for retirement is the Southeast (54%), followed by the Southwest (19%) and the Northeast (10%). The Southeast dominates due to its warm winters and low cost of living, which are extremely appealing to retirees across generations.

Once homebuyers decide on climate and geography, community proximity to medical facilities, airports, shopping and entertainment is key. Whether your interests are hitting the links at a golf course, or attending a nearby university for continued education, it’s important to consider distance as mobility and driving acumen decrease over time.

Cost of Living

Financial stability is a key aspect in retirement. State and local taxes as well as the tax implications of the community can make the difference between living high on the hog, or down in the dumps. Knowing the neighborhood’s Home Owners or Property Owners Association bylaws, covenants and age-restrictions will be helpful in the long run. Find out exactly what the dues cover – such as lawn care, security monitoring, trash-pick up, etc. Also get a sense of what you need to budget for daily living by shopping locally for items such as groceries, gas, dining, entertainment, etc.

Type of Community and Amenities

Many active adult communities are either age-restricted or age-targeted. Age-restricted communities are specifically designed for persons age 55 or older. Age-targeted communities appeal to adults age 55 but are open to all ages.

Homebuyers need to take a hard look into the amenities offered and be honest about what they will, and won’t, use. Sometimes big ticket items such as clubhouses, fitness centers, pools, tennis courts and golf courses come with bigger dues and fees. Others look for a more social experience – such as weekly clubs, volunteer options and social gatherings.


What’s a community without quality homes? Be sure home construction is high-quality, healthy and energy-efficient. According to Kolter Homes, one of top active adult master-planned developers in the U.S., the key items active adults are looking for today are open floorplans, flexible structural options, outdoor living areas, the ability to personalize finishes, and efficient features that exceed building standards in areas such as insulation and energy-smart appliances. Kolter Homes focuses on creating comfortable homes using this thoughtful design approach in their Cresswind communities throughout the Southeast.

CresswindGo See It Yourself

Ultimately, the best way for prospective homebuyers to pinpoint an active adult community is to go see it. To aid your search, visit to download a complimentary copy of Kolter’s “Go Guide to Active Adult Living & Homebuying.” This comprehensive guide features tips for selecting a location; tools to help you prioritize; expert information on fitness, nutrition and relationships specifically for active adult; as well “tricks of the trade” insider information about the home buying process. It even includes a free “Go Club Pass” offer which provides interested homebuyers with a day pass to some of Kolter’s Cresswind and age-targeted communities throughout the Southeast as well as assistance with road trip and home tour planning.

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  1. Matt

    July 4, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    As an assisted living professional at Platinum Communities I can tell you that this is excellent advice on how to make a seleciton.

  2. Millie Hue

    April 13, 2018 at 1:50 am

    I found it interesting when you said that considering the climate and geography of the location is the priority while the proximity to utilities and entertainment are only second. Personally, I can get carried away from places which are close to malls or gym facilities. But, your article is reminded us how we should know the most important aspect of home living first. Thanks!

  3. Eileen Benson

    August 29, 2019 at 11:24 am

    It made sense when you said that ultimately, the best way to evaluate an adult retirement community is to actually pay a visit and see it for ourselves. I think living a more quiet life in an adult community with my husband sounds really satisfying and relaxing, and I’m feeling excited about looking at homes for sale soon. Thanks for sharing this article and letting me know what steps we should take to identify the best adult community to purchase real estate in!

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Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Active Adult Community