Fabulous Over 50: Top Tips to Look as Young as You Feel

By on June 14, 2017
Fabulous Over 50: Top Tips and Tricks to Look as Young as You Feel

The Baby Boomer generation is aging, but not in the same way their parents did. Today’s over-50 bunch is looking and feeling younger than any generation that preceded the Boomers. If you are more than fifty years old, and you want to look fabulous, here are a few tips and tricks to try.

Graceful aging and aging gracefully

What do Linda Evangelista, Demi Moore, Andie MacDowell, Madonna, and other gorgeous over-50 celebs have in common? Dewy, supple skin. Don’t go even a single day (or night) without a generous slathering of non-oily, unscented facial moisturizer. Super-pricey concoctions may work no better than more modest brands, so start cheap and see what works for you. While you’re at it, smear some of that moisturizer into the backs of your hands and your elbows, too. In fact, go for a full-body moisturizing session and enjoy smooth, supple skin that belies your chronological age. Coddle your complexion and see how wonderfully your whole countenance responds.

Cosmetics and getting older

As we age, a new makeup palette is in order. Toss your shimmery eyeshadows and get rid of heavy matte foundation. Go for a light refracting, slightly tinted moisturizing foundation that doesn’t settle into facial creases and exaggerate wrinkles, recommend beauty experts at Mirror UK. When you shop for cosmetics, select neutral colors and stay as far from bright clown colors as you can. As for eyebrows, those tend to thin as we turn the calendar pages. Big brows are in fashion, but you don’t want to go overboard. It will overwhelm your face. Instead, fill in the sparse parts with a stiff angled brush and brown powder shadow. Set in place with a curly bristle brush. Whatever you do, do not have fake brows tattooed in place. Subtle cosmetics applied with a gentle hand are your best bet, as far as your more youthful appearance is concerned.

Get your teeth whitened. It’s one of the nicest ways to improve your smile, your attitude, and your overall appearance. There are several kinds of do-it-yourself home bleaching kits available. If you can afford it, have a professional cleaning to achieve a natural, good-looking finish on your pearly whites. Some dentists offer memberships that may save you lots of money on general dental services and frequent cleanings.

If grey hair makes you look older than you feel, consider color but don’t go too dark. The last thing you want is to present an artificial appearance, and too-dark color can do just that. Go for honey-colored highlights in brunette hair or just embrace your greys. As for length, forget the adage that prescribes a short do for older women. If you like it long, keep it. Have a professional trim now and then and love your luscious locks.

Positive psychology of plastic surgery

Women who undergo successful cosmetic surgery generally experience improved satisfaction with their body image, according to the National Institutes of Health. Those with little or no psychological issues prior to the procedure tended to fare best of all, as far as happiness with their new appearance is concerned. If you’ve got a part or two that might be improved with cosmetic surgery, speak with an experienced aesthetic surgeon. Discuss your goals and listen when they tell you what you can expect from a cosmetic surgical procedure. Of course, not all cosmetic work involves scalpels. Many less invasive beauty enhancing options are available. Microdermabrasion, skin peels, Botox, and skin refreshing facials are wonderful ways to turn back the effects of time and environment. If you’re in the Tampa area, you may schedule a consultation with renowned cosmetic surgeon, DavidHalpernMD.com.

If your expectations are realistic, cosmetic surgery can deliver a positive emotional outcome. According to Psychology Today, breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures give many women a boost of social confidence and enhanced self-esteem. Before you schedule cosmetic surgery, make certain you are doing it for your own happiness and well-being. Know your options, understand the risks and benefits, and chances are good that you will have a positive outcome.

Getting older happens to all of us. There’s no way to stop the clock but with a few savvy tricks, one can enjoy a vibrant life and good looks no matter what the calendar says. Wear sunscreen, plop a hat on your head before you spend a day in the sun, and present your most beautiful smile for the world to behold.

Jude Gordon works with seniors as an activities director. She loves to help people feel and look great – no matter what their age – by posting on health and beauty websites.

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Fabulous Over 50: Top Tips to Look as Young as You Feel