Top Reasons to Use CBD Beauty Products in Your Daily Regimens

By on August 26, 2020
cbd beauty products

After years of research, demonstrations, and protests, the fight to legalize marijuana has made significant headway in the United States. As government officials began loosening restrictions and laws surrounding the cannabis plant, an increased interest in the medicinal properties evolved. Curious to understand just how this natural resource could assist the body in healing itself, medical researchers and scientists have discovered many options for CBD beauty products. 


Extracting more than 80 compounds from the cannabis stevia plant, experts found two that stood out – THC and CBD (cannabidiol). Before the interest in marijuana usage for medical purposes, THC was the more popular compound as it causes a high or euphoria response in users. Today, however, CBD has taken the spotlight. Packed with vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidants, CBD has many health benefits without getting you high. 

How CBD Works

The body naturally produces anandamide, a chemical in the body that serves as a messenger connected to pain, depression, fertility, memory, and appetite. CBD has a similar chemical makeup, which is why users have higher levels of anandamide in the body. This natural boost has been proven to assist with everything from chronic stress to cancer. Realizing CBD’s healing properties, infusing this chemical compound into everything from medications and supplements to food and beauty products exploded. 

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How Does CBD Enhance Beauty Products? 

Why have CBD beauty products become so popular? The secret is in its anti-inflammatory properties and high levels of antioxidants. From acne and breakouts to wrinkles and age spots, inflammation and oxidative stress are the leading causes of many skincare issues. 

CBD works to relieve swelling and redness by desensitizing receptors associated with pain and inflammation. Antioxidants found in this cannabinoid protect skin cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress (a common cause of fine lines and wrinkles). When incorporated into beauty products, CBD helps enhance their effectiveness in giving you healthy, vibrant, youthful-looking skin. 

What Beauty Products Commonly Have CBD? 

The beauty industry is still exploring how CBD can be incorporated into their products to enhance their effectiveness. As innovations continue to evolve, you may be surprised to find this healing compound in just about everything. Some of the most popular products infused with CBD are body lotions and facial creams, lip balms, bath bombs, mascara, shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products. 

Shopping for CBD Beauty Products

There are a few things to evaluate if you want to purchase CBD beauty products that are best suited for your beauty regimen. The first factor to consider is potency. Potency levels can range from 100 to 500mg in serums and 5 to 20 mg in lip balms. The more CBD there is in a product, the more effective it will be to soothe inflammation and protect against oxidative stress. 

The other factor to consider when shopping for CBD beauty products are the other ingredients. If CBD is the only natural ingredient, it’s healing properties may be overshadowed by the harmful effects of the harsh chemicals and additives. If necessary, review and research other components to ensure they’re all-natural, organic, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

CBD Usage

How much CBD is too much? The great thing about CBD is that there is no evidence of a lethal overdose. Side effects are minimal and rare. Some people experience dry mouth, fatigue, diarrhea, and a suppressed appetite. So, if you’re using beauty products, tinctures, supplements, and other products infused with CBD regularly, there’s no need to panic. Incorporating it into your daily routines, both topically and orally, works to the advantage of your overall well-being. 

Who knew that a chemical compound extracted from the marijuana plant could be instrumental in enhancing your health and beauty? Anyone striving to achieve healthy, even-toned, youthful-looking skin should invest in beauty and skincare products infused with CBD. With the right products, proper application, time, and continued use, it won’t be long before you see results that make you feel just as good as you look.

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Top Reasons to Use CBD Beauty Products in Your Daily Regimens