Handling Home Maintenance and Repair Emergencies Safely

By on August 26, 2020
Home maintenance

Not too long ago, homeowners in need of immediate home maintenance or repairs wouldn’t hesitate to hire a contractor to resolve the issue. With the coronavirus still spreading like wildfire across the country, however, the decision to allow someone into your home could put you and those you love at risk. Fearing the spread of the novel coronavirus, many hold off on scheduling much-needed appointments for home improvements. 

While limiting the number of visitors in your home is recommended during the pandemic, putting off maintenance and repairs could be risky to your well-being. For example, roof damage that isn’t addressed right away could cause a leak, water damage, mold development, and property damage. Similarly, a damaged fence that goes unrepaired by fencing contractors reduces home security. 

Therefore, property owners are encouraged to rethink and ignoring home maintenance and repairs that threaten their health and safety. To ease tension and reduce the chances of exposure to the coronavirus, it is best to take these steps during home improvements. 


Emergency Services Only

Keep in mind that these are scary times for everyone. Exposing your family and contractors to potential risks for anything other than an emergency isn’t ideal. Before you start shopping around for service providers, consider the type of home improvement job, you need to be done and its importance to the health, safety, and survival of your household. If it is not a high priority, it is best to make plans after the pandemic is under control. 

Ask COVID-19 Related Questions

When reaching out to contractors for home maintenance or repairs, asking questions about the current pandemic can help put your mind at ease. Find out what measures are being taken to protect contractors and clients. Reputable businesses perform daily screenings, require their team to self-monitor, and provide workers with hand sanitizer and PPE. To ensure all parties’ safety, contractors should also ask residents whether they’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are experiencing any symptoms before their scheduled appointment. 

Prepare The Work Area

Homeowners play a vital role in providing a safe and decent environment for contractors to work in. Before your scheduled appointment, prepare the work area for contractors by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing any spaces in the home they’ll need. All furniture, clutter, and items challenging to sanitize should be removed from the work area. 

The coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours and even days at a time. Covering furniture, floors, and hard surfaces with newspapers, tarps, or dropcloths reduce the need for contractors touch surfaces which lowers the risk of transmission. 

Have Hand Sanitizer, Soap, and Paper Towels Nearby

Proper and regular handwashing minimizes the likelihood of spreading the virus. Though most contractors will come with their own hand sanitizer, having some available in your kitchen and bathroom is highly recommended. This allows them to preserve their own supplies while still keeping everyone safe. 

Wear PPE

Contractors aren’t the only ones that should be wearing personal protective equipment during home repair jobs. Residents, at the very least, should wear cloth face masks while their home is being serviced. 

Keep Your Distance

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to monitor contractors’ work to ensure it’s up to their standards. Be that as it may, hovering too closely puts everyone at risk. Therefore, it is imperative that you remain at least 6 feet away from contractors and other workers as often as possible. 


After the home maintenance or repair is complete, property owners should take the time to re-sanitize their homes to eliminate the virus’s presence. Clean and disinfect countertops, floors, and other hard surfaces. Treat and vacuum carpets, furniture, and upholstery. Lastly, open the windows and allow the fresh air to circulate throughout the home. 

Don’t allow your fears and anxieties about the current pandemic to prevent you from keeping up with the necessary maintenance and repairs. If an issue arises that could put you and your family at risk, contact a reputable service provider and take the above steps to secure everyone’s health and safety.

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Handling Home Maintenance and Repair Emergencies Safely