Simple Solutions For Wedding Planning in The Middle of a Pandemic

By on August 26, 2020

What should be one of the happiest moments in your life has turned into an utter nightmare. Planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic has you ready to cancel everything and elope. The only thing stopping you is your desire to share this special occasion with loved ones. With the many obstacles and everyone’s health and safety on your shoulders, you have no idea how to plan the wedding of your dreams. 

There’s no denying that the recent pandemic and associated changes have created challenges for couples planning a wedding. With many non-essential businesses closed or operating on an altered schedule, obtaining the services for your ceremony and reception can prove difficult. Additionally, protecting the bridal party, guests, and vendors, against the coronavirus is easier said than done. 

A global pandemic will undoubtedly impact your wedding plans, but it doesn’t mean you have to call the whole thing off. Here are some simple solutions to planning the perfect wedding despite current times. 

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Selecting a Date

In the middle of a pandemic, you have no idea what is going to happen and when. One day, things appear to be getting better as countries implement plans to reopen. The next day, new coronavirus cases rise, and everyone has to retreat to their homes. So, realistically, any date you choose may later have to change. 

There two things to keep in mind when selecting a wedding date. First, choose a time of at least six months to a year in advance. Second, outdoor events tend to be safer during the pandemic, so choosing a date in spring, summer, or fall may be best. 

Shop Wedding Venues Online

You don’t want to put your health at risk unnecessarily trying to plan a wedding. The more venues you visit, however, the higher your chances are of contracting the coronavirus. Reduce your risks and save yourself some time by searching for wedding venues online. You can view the site, put in requests for a quote, check availability, and read reviews from home comfort. 

Once you’ve found a few venues you’re interested in, reach out to find the safest way to view the space in more detail, ask questions, and make a deposit. Depending on which places you choose, they may prefer to complete everything online. Others have implemented safety measures to keep you safe during in-person visits. 

Use Digital Resources For Other Wedding Planning Needs

Your wedding venue isn’t the only thing you can find online; there are several items you can cross of your checklist without ever leaving home. For example, Some sites make it easy for couples to customize and mail their wedding invitations without making a trip to the print shop or post office. Wedding favors, centerpieces, and other decor items can also be ordered online and shipped to you. Ideally, whatever you can accomplish remotely should be done to avoid putting anyone at risk during the pandemic. 

Request a Video Conference or In-Home Visit

Deciding on a reception menu, cake tastings, dress fittings, and choosing a floral arrangement are best made in-person. These are tasks in which you need to be hands-on to make the best choice. You can keep the ball rolling with your wedding plans by searching for vendors who offer video conferences or in-home visits. 

You’ll be surprised to find that many offer these options to ensure they can continue to service their customers. Caterers will do an at-home visit where they allow you to sample their best dishes and make a selection. Many bakeries have sample boxes; they can send couples enabling them to taste different cake flavors. If you’ve hired a wedding planner, you can collaborate on details via video conference. 

As luck would have it, you’re planning a wedding at the most inopportune time. Even though this health crisis is far from over (and scary), it doesn’t mean you have to run off to Greece and Elope. All it takes is a bit of creativity, restrategizing, and useful tools like the internet to continue preparing for the day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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Simple Solutions For Wedding Planning in The Middle of a Pandemic