The Top 4 Churches To Visit In Rome

By on March 2, 2020

You don’t have to be Catholic, or religious at all, to marvel at the beauty of the churches all over Rome. It seems there is a magnificent church on every corner there waiting to be explored. Many times you’ll even have the place to yourselfIf you are looking for ways to beat the tourist crowds and see a jaw-dropping architecture and artwork from the world’s best artists of all time, then Rome should be at the top of your list. 

No trip to Italy is complete without a trip to the Eternal City and no trip to Rome is complete if you don’t visit at least a few of the churches in this list. 

1 – St Peter’s Basilica

The epicenter of Christianity is here in St Peter’s Basilica in the heart of the Vatican. The building itself was designed by Michaelangelo and is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture. 

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Marvel at the mosaics that line the walls that look like paintings. Ingeniously, the artists at the time used mosaics so they would not fade over time as frescos do. They knew that people would be coming for centuries. 

Enter the building and walk the same steps on the same floor as popes and kings. The beautiful floor often gets overlooked but it has been replicated in churches around the world. Look at any church flooring from Artech and you’ll see similarities.

2 – The Pantheon

One of the best ways to understand what ancient Rome looked like is to visit the Pantheon. Originally a pagan temple dedicated to all of the gods, hence Pantheon, it was converted into a church in the early days of Christianity.

The dome is an engineering marvel that was the largest poured concrete dome in existence until the 19th century. With just a few exceptions, name the crosses around the church, it looks just as it did in the 2nd century when it was built. 

3 – Santa Maria in Trastevere 

Trastevere is one of the most down to earth neighborhoods in Rome and has only recently been discovered by tourists. Tucked in the main piazza of this working-class neighborhood is a hidden gem of all the churches in Rome. 

Santa Maria in Trastevere was built in the 4th century shortly after Christianity was declared the official religion of Rome. It boasts ornate mosaics done in the 12th century with many details that remain from the original, ancient structure.

Though it is becoming famous, it still doesn’t draw the huge crowds as places like the Pantheon and St Peter’s so it offers a fantastic way to beat the crowds and see a unique church.

4 – Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

What makes this church stand out is the grandness and soaring columns which make it look much bigger and majestic than its size would suggest.

The stained glass windows and the way the light plays against the gold interior make this a welcome respite from the heat and frenzy of the big city outside.

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The Top 4 Churches To Visit In Rome