Tips on Raising Your Young Grandchild Unexpectedly

By on May 16, 2017
Tips on Raising Your Young Grandchild Unexpectedly

If an unexpected turn has occurred in your life where you find yourself raising one or more of your young grandchildren, you’re not alone.  According to PBS Newshour, over 2.7 million grandparents are raising their grandkids. Whether you’re prepared to raise children again, or you’re facing some setbacks, here are a few ways that you can make the situation work for you.

When Addiction Is a Factor

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on a family—especially those with small children in the home. If your adult child is facing the wrath of addiction, the first priority is removing your grandchild from the home and into the safety of yours. Making sure that you have access to the resources for your child to seek professional help and rehabilitative care is very helpful. Some options to explore may include:

*An inpatient Georgia drug rehab facility or equivalent center in your state.

*Outpatient drug or alcohol services

*Follow-up group therapy

*Specialized therapy that involves the entire family

Keeping your grandchild’s life as close to normal as possible is the best way to bridge the gap of them being removed from their home. This starts with making sure that they are healthy and thriving. Setting up an appointment with their pediatrician will help to ensure that all of their dietary, mental and physical needs are being met.

Seeking Legal Counsel

In some cases, there may be a legal tug of war between you and the parent over your grandchild. This is where it’s important to seek help from a qualified attorney. He will be able to evaluate the situation and if necessary, write up an emergency custody order to present in front of a judge. From there, you may have to meet certain requirements, including completing an investigative interview from a social worker. A court hearing will be conducted and a judge will eventually rule on who will have either temporary or permanent custody of your grandchild.

Finding Support

It’s often been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Asking for help and support will make the entire experience of living with your grandchild that much easier. Ask dependable and sober family members for help with babysitting and spending time with your grandchild while you work or seek respite care. Don’t be afraid to utilize playgroups or qualified day care assistance to allow your grandchild to thrive while you’re away. Keep the lines of communication open with your adult child, in hopes that one day he or she can safely reunite with your grandchild.

Safety Proofing Your Home

According to, around two million children are hurt each year at home. Safety should be a number one priority—especially if it’s been years since you’ve had a little one racing down your hallway. 

If you’re welcoming a baby or toddler into the home, it’s important to add some safety proofing measures. They include:

*Safety latches on cabinets and doors

*Covering electrical outlets

*Skid-free flooring or low-pile carpeting throughout the home

*Medication, cleaners, and sharp objects put up or locked away

*Easy access to a first-aid or safety kit 

*Fenced-in areas to protect your little one from reaching pools and roadways

Going through and removing sharp objects and doing an overall sweep of your home can help prevent accidents from happening in the future.

While it can be challenging to take on the new challenges and responsibilities as a second parent to your grandchild, enjoy the rewards too. Seeing your grandchild grow and thrive under your roof is something to feel proud of. Be sure to have the skills and resources in place to make the experience a successful one. 


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Tips on Raising Your Young Grandchild Unexpectedly