How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Grandchildren

By on January 23, 2017
How to mkae your home safe for grandchildren

Having grandchildren is one of the delights of getting older. But it can also be a challenge. Youngsters love to explore, and they have a knack for getting into trouble. While it’s no great tragedy if they get into the pots and pans cupboard and start bashing two pan lids together, it’s another story if they get into the cleaning products.

As a grandparent, you’re sure to want to make your home as child safe as possible, so take a look through the following suggestions and see if there are any areas that you’ve overlooked.

Fit Gates at the Top and the Bottom of Your Stairs

Stair gates are a must-have in your home. While many people automatically fit a gate at the top of the stairs, they don’t always fit one at the bottom. But if a stairway is accessible to a child to climb up, then they can easily come crashing back down.

Secure Windows on Upper Floors

Children are notorious for getting up to mischief the second your back is turned. And it only takes a few moments for disaster to strike. Whether that’s tipping over pots on the stove, falling down the stairs, or working open an upper story window and tumbling out. And windows are a big problem when it comes to overnight stays.

Of course, you can keep your windows locked, but that isn’t always practical, especially when you need natural ventilation during warm weather.

The best solution is to fit window actuators like those supplied by These are devices that limit how far a window can open. Having a window set to open just a little way gives you a fresh breeze flowing through your home without posing any danger to your grandchildren.

Install a Pool Alarm

Among the under 5’s, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death with roughly 350 fatalities per year and another 2,600 near drownings, some of which leave children with permanent brain damage.

You have a number of choices when it comes to pool alarms, allowing you to select the most suitable option. The best alarms come with both an outdoor siren and a second indoor monitor so that you’ll hear the alarm go off even if you’re listening to music, or running a noisy blender in the kitchen.

Keep Cleaning Products and Medications Out of Harm’s Way

Deadly cleaning products like bleach and drain cleaner come with childproof caps, but there are still cleaning products that are a danger. Anything in a spray bottle can easily end up getting spritzed into eyes or squirted into mouths, and your supply of trash bags poses a suffocation risk. Medications often come in brightly coloured capsules and pills that look like sweets, and medication is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in children, harming 6,000 youngsters each year.

It’s easy to prevent your grandchildren from harming themselves with pills or cleaning products. All you need to do is fit some simple, inexpensive cupboard and draw catches that little fingers can’t open.

Childproofing your home isn’t difficult or expensive. By taking steps to prevent common accidents you’ll have peace of mind and be able to enjoy your grandchildren’s visits without constantly rushing around after them to keep them out of trouble.


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How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Grandchildren