Simple Spirituality: 4 Lessons Kids Teach Us About Following God

By on May 16, 2017
Simple Spirituality: 4 Lessons Kids Teach Us about Following God

By Deborah Perkins –

  1. Trust God in the Little Things

You probably remember your first days in school. Everything from the desk and chair you sat in to the hook where you hung your coat was smaller, lower, and kid-friendly. The blocks and games intended for you were on the lowest shelves along the wall, not the highest. You stuck to the low shelves, the little things. You didn’t grasp for what was intentionally placed higher, out of your reach. That was for your teacher to give you – at the right time.

As adults, we’re now able to reach the highest shelves, but spiritually, this isn’t always a good thing. We forget that our spiritual selves also need to mature, and we often take on that which is too much for us. We end up feeling over-burdened and overwhelmed, and the stuff of life comes crashing down around us as a result.

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There’s wisdom in trusting God in the little things. At the right time, when we are ready, our divine Teacher will move us on to greater things. God knows what we can handle right now. Contentment is important. Things don’t all need to happen at once!

Scriptures: Matthew 6:32; Philippians 4:12-13; Matthew 11:28-30.

  1. Use Pencil, Not Pen

Like school, life is a learning process, full of mistakes. Children are taught from an early age to use pencil, not pen, so that mistakes can easily be corrected. The marks they make in their world, while lighter, have the somewhat “magical” power of being revised if necessary.

As we grow more self-confident, we use pens to make more prominent or durable marks. Yet our mistakes also become more permanent, harder to erase.

The takeaway: practice good spiritual penmanship! Refrain from making the indelible marks of judgment, pride, and other dangerous sins. If you’ve made mistakes in your past that seem like they’ll never go away, appeal to God for a “redo,” for in Christ, there is forgiveness for sins because of His forgiveness and mercy. Tread lightly as you express your opinions on life and people. Opt for the lighter touch of love as opposed to the heavier mark of condemnation in all your relationships.

Scriptures: Acts 3:19; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 4:31-32; Hebrews 3:13.

  1. Stay With Your Class

Most children recognize the necessity of staying with their own class. In their own grade, everyone is on an equal par. Day after day, they assemble at school, ready to learn and grow together. Kids instinctively know that they aren’t yet ready for the next level. They let their teachers lay the groundwork for what they’ll need to tackle next years’ tests.

The moral? Don’t strive for spiritual seniority when you still have 3rd grade to finish! Stick with those whom God has placed around you for this season, trusting that your shared spiritual education and experiences will strengthen you for the next round in life, whatever that may look like. Find a church or a body of believers you are comfortable with and make a commitment to gather together on a regular basis.

While it may be tempting to “skip a grade,” remember that geniuses, like spiritual “superstars,” are rare. No one, including God, expects you to take on subjects that are still well beyond your grasp. There’s also protection in staying with whom and what you know. Give yourself time to develop spiritually, just as you give your kids time to grow naturally. When the time comes to move on, your Teacher will let you know!

Scriptures: Proverbs 27:17; Hebrews 10:24-25; 2 Timothy 4:2-4.

  1. Learn to Share.

Did you ever forget to write down your homework assignment, or leave your books at school the night before a big test? Children do this all the time, and they learn quickly that friendship, teamwork, and the sharing of their resources are as essential to graduating their grade as they are to getting through life. Whether it’s for help with their homework, protection from the school bullies, or being picked for the best sports team, kids know that relationships are critical. Going it alone is a recipe for failure.

Spiritually, we need each other too, especially when facing life’s tests and trials. We are wise when we build relationships that last, sharing ourselves and our resources freely with friends. No one is exempt from the challenges of life. As Christians, we also share a mutual bully: Satan. How much better it is to face our enemy united than alone! And how much more encouraging our spiritual life can be when we have friends cheering us on.

Scriptures: Acts 2:44-47; 1 Peter 5:9; Philippians 2:3-4; Psalm 133.


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Simple Spirituality: 4 Lessons Kids Teach Us About Following God