Tips on Selecting a Backpack for Rucking

By on December 2, 2021

Whether you’re looking through options to determine a suitable backpack that will best fit your rucking needs for a fitness excursion or preparing for your GORUCK challenge, having the appropriate pack is crucial. After all, it’ll keep your gear safe and secure, help you avoid injury, and help you stay comfortable throughout the activity.  

However, with so many bags available on the market today, it can be a daunting and confusing experience to find one that will suit your needs. So to simplify the process, we’ll cover a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you hunt for the military tactical backpacks that can serve as your ideal rucksack.

  1. Look for padded and wide shoulder straps

When looking for the perfect backpack for rucking, the first thing you’ll need to keep an eye out for are the pack’s straps. If they’re wide and padded, they’ll help distribute the weight more effectively across the shoulder rather than putting too much stress on a single area. As a result, not only will they allow you to carry your gear better, they’ll also make it more comfortable.

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More importantly, the straps are the first things to go when you ruck with a lot of weight. And additional reinforcement in this area will significantly extend the backpack’s life.

  1. Durable and large zippers to handle weight and stress

Rucking usually involves carrying a fair amount of weight while engaging in outdoor activities. As such, it’s relatively common for the gear to get blown out due to the zippers’ inability to handle the weight of the load and the stress it’s put through. For this reason, you must look for packs that have durable and large zippers. In this way, you’ll have peace of mind that any equipment you’re carrying will stay in its place. 

  1. Tough fabric that’s been tested

The fabric used should be tough to keep the weights from tearing through the backpack over time. So before you make a purchase, always check if the material is durable. If it’s resistant to abrasions, you’ll be able to throw it around during your travel workouts, allowing you to add upper body conditioning to the workout. Additionally, if it’s water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions or the environment because it’ll remain in excellent condition even if it gets wet.

  1. Reliable track record with positive reviews 

Manufacturers and suppliers can be economical with the facts on their products. However, they need to put their best forward to generate sales, after all. Therefore, they can make exaggerated claims about the durability and functionality of their backpacks. So always check the reviews and ensure that the chosen pack has a reliable track record with positive reviews.

Choosing the right rucking backpack doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming affair. By narrowing your options to tactical equipment and ensuring that the item is durable, comfortable, functional, and supported by satisfied customers, you’ll buy the best one that’ll fit your needs.

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Tips on Selecting a Backpack for Rucking