Three Ways to Make Sure a Career Change Goes Smoothly

By on January 20, 2016

If you’ve been working in the same career for many years, you may well be feeling like a change is in order. People change careers for a number of different reasons, often because of the financial benefits, and others feel like they have finally found their true calling in life. Over a lifetime period, most people will have around two or three different careers – sometimes, these careers are quite similar, and others will make drastic changes to their working life. Whether you’re looking for a slight change in career or want to work in a job that’s completely different to what you’re used to, here are some top tips to ensure that the career change runs smoothly.


In most cases, it’s necessary to gain some sort of extra education in order to change careers. This is especially true for those who want a drastic career change, for example if you’ve been working in an office job for the past ten years and have decided that you want to become a midwife, gaining a degree in midwifery along with relevant experience will be necessary before you can go ahead with the change. For mature students who are already working in full-time jobs, the idea of going back to college can often be quite daunting and sometimes seems financially impossible. However, thanks to online learning, it’s possible to complete a degree course without needing to make drastic changes to your life, as it’s flexible and can be completed alongside a full-time career. Check out the University of South Dakota Online for more information.

Gradual Approach

Most career changes don’t happen overnight. Those looking to change careers are much better off taking a gradual approach and allowing themselves some time to prepare for the change and ensure that they are fully qualified to do so. Whilst it might be possible to radically reinvent your career instantly in some cases, the majority of the time it is a lot easier – and much more realistic – to work towards changing your career over time. This gives you the time needed to make the necessary changes such as taking classes, making changes to your current job, and saving up any money needed.

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Many people looking to dramatically change their career are at a bit of a loss as to how the industry works. In order to best prepare yourself for job interviews, it’s essential that you network with people who are fully established in the industry that you’re hoping to get into. This can help you to learn a lot about your chosen career field, and help you to gain knowledge and confidence for when the time comes to sit that crucial job interview. If you are taking a degree course in order to change careers, networking with other students is essential. You might also find it helpful to utilize social media networking to help expand your knowledge and contacts.

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Three Ways to Make Sure a Career Change Goes Smoothly