How HCG Diet Can Help You Lose Weight in Less Time

By on January 20, 2016
How HCG Diet Can Help You Lose Weight in Less Time

By Shannon Martin –

At the beginning of the year, losing weight is one of the most important resolutions that people make. It is likely on top of the list of things you want to do. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not achieve what they really want when it comes to losing weight. This can become a persistent cycle of losing a few pounds, only to gain it back again unless something dramatic happens to cause you to change.

If have been that cycle, then it’s time to make a change your life. There are countless diets and methods to lose weight. But very few are credible and worthy. The HCG diet plan has proven to be effective in losing weight. It consists of a diet plan accompanied by natural HCG drops, which are taken sublingually.

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The HCG diet plan is one that has proven to work effectively for weight loss, by minimizing the amount of calorie intake while burning excess fat. People who have a significant amount to lose can experience weight loss within a short period of time, even up to a pound a day.

Here’s how HCG diet can help you lose weight:

By slashing your cravings

One of the obvious triggers for weight gain is cravings for unhealthy food. Unhealthy junk food which includes ice cream, cake and pasta, have high levels of saturated fat which leads to weight gain. HCG drops help to combat cravings by reducing your appetite. This will help prevent you from emotional eating, which is a contributing factor of weight gain.

The restricted calorie diet

HCG consists of various diet programs with different calorie requirements for each day. The most popular plan is the 500 calorie plan which requires you to not exceed that per day. This allows your body to draw upon the stored fats for fueling which eventually leads to burning of fat. The HCG diet plan includes recipes which you can prepare while in the diet and which are not more than 500 calories.

Suppressing your appetite

Untamed appetite is almost disastrous when it comes to weight loss. Taking control of your appetite is not easy and requires a lot of effort on your part. However, HCG drops contain a useful hormone which stimulates the hypothalamus to suppress your appetite. It is also vital in preventing emotional triggers for appetite which are caused by stress and anxiety.

Boosts your metabolism

A slow metabolism does no good in getting rid of excess fat, especially one around your midsection. Slow metabolism slows down body processes, including burning of fat. HCG boosts your metabolism and therefore results in speedy weight loss.

Increases your energy levels

When HCG suppresses your appetite, it does not result in hunger pangs or dissatisfaction. It allows your body to function as before by making use of the stored fats instead of the lean muscles. This increases your energy levels and makes you feel energized throughout the day without noticeable change.


An important part of this program includes regular water intake to ensure maximum hydration. Water plays a vital role in combating weight. It helps conquer water weight and curbs your appetite to ensure you do not over eat. Water is very key during the plan.

Safety and efficacy

HCG drops derived from natural HCG hormone are absolutely safe and efficient in losing weight. The market is flooded with many variation of the pure HCG hormone and it is therefore important to read credit reviews before making a purchase. A healthy concentration of the hormone is vital for the product to be considered efficient.

With HCG drops, you can lose weight effectively and within a maximum of six weeks. This method has been proven for its efficacy, convenience and will work for you. However, it is important to read credible reviews on the right product before buying. You can visit this site for comprehensive reviews on the best HCG drops product;


Shannon is a health and fitness writer who has specialized in weight loss. For the past two years, he has dwelled on the subject and is always looking for new, proven and efficient ways to lose weight.


Before starting any restrictive diet, such as the HCG diet, it is important to seek advice from your physician. does not recommend starting a program like the HCG Diet without seeking medical advice first.


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How HCG Diet Can Help You Lose Weight in Less Time