Thanksgiving Like None Other

By on October 26, 2020

The old adage that the Thanksgiving table is fraught with arguments my not the case this year for many women over 50. With everything that is engulfing our country at the moment, Thanksgiving 2020 may be the most lonely Thanksgiving ever! I hope not!

I can not help but become upset and frustrated as I look at all those around me. Everyone seems to be arguing about something. Our political climate seems to paint an even darker picture.

I have hope this Thanksgiving

Although the ground that we standing on may seem shaky and uneasy, I have hope! I have hope for a brighter future and a future of love and compassion. I have hope because it is not within my hands or my power. In my future, our future is one that has a great possibility and reason for hope.

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I want to share with you why I am hopeful this Thanksgiving, and why you too can take a little hope for yourself. Take a little and share it, it is sure to multiply!

Priorities have been re-aligned

While everyone was bunkering down in the spring of 2020, our futures were uncertain. We quarantined to protect not only ourselves but those that we love and cherish. With such a transient world, we did not know who was exposed to what and who. 

My priorities were put in check. I found that during my quarantine period that I started to spend more time with the people that I loved. Without the daily hustle and bustle, I was on phone calls with the family that I had not spoken to for some time. We have been able to re-connect and speak more frequently, supporting each other as we have gone through this uneasy time.

Fashion for women over 50

I found myself in legging outfits for over 50 days. All my business calls that featured video calling, didn’t focus on my leggings, but my face and a button-down blouse. A more relaxed person, I found myself treating others more compassionately and kindly. 

Missing my daily interactions with colleagues and neighbors, I went out of my way to greet them on calls or while out on a walk in one of the best neighborhoods in Scottsdale.

Focused on starting over at 50

As I have had time in 2020 to have a good hard look at my life and mannerisms, I realized that I was not the best person. I considered how often I am pointing the finger at other people. Pointing out where and what they have done wrong. I began to wonder as I contemplated these things, “What do others say is wrong with me?”

Without being forced to slow down and be with myself I would never have robbed my life of this time. I am better off after taking the time to see where I can start over and make a greater impact in my world.

A renewed hope

If I hope for what I can already see, then I do not truly have hope. Hope is the evidence of things and goals unseen. I am hopeful that we as people will emerge from 2020 stronger and more compassionate. Almost everyone that I know has either lost someone to the virus this year or been adversely affected by it. If you were in their shoes, you would appreciate a little grace and goodwill.

I have renewed hope that our country will start to see common issues that face us. That although we do not necessarily agree on the methods of solving the problem, that we will be united in the efforts to solve the issue.

Reaching out from ourselves

I am hoping that this Thanksgiving, that we can all find something common to bring us together. May this common thing be hope! Hope for the country that we do not see now. Hope for the safety and healing of those that have been impacted by COVID-19. Let us all give each other hope this Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Like None Other