Tennis For Women Over 50 At the Delray Beach Open

By on February 16, 2020

I’ve been an avid tennis fan for most of my life. I love getting to play the sport and experience the great benefits for my health and social life. I’ve been fortunate to visit the US Open and see the best in the world up close and in person, but the high prices of the grand slam event leave me watching from a little further back than I would like.

I was thrilled to make the plans for a quick visit for the Presidents Day long weekend. My girlfriends that I get to play tennis with each week planned a retreat from the winter and cold to the beautiful sunny Delray Beach, Florida. Flying into Palm Beach International was really easy at this time of the year. There were many flights and it was super easy to get a flight that fitted our schedule.

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Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL

I do love getting to South Florida during the wintertime. It was so nice to visit Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. The road is bustling with many great restaurants. It is so nice to sit outside and enjoy the company and food as the sun goes down. The town of Delray is so energetic and lively when the nightlife gets going. The music was playing the background as we laughed and enjoyed our time together.

Courtesy of Delray Beach Open

The beach was enticing, but we were here for tennis! The main reason for the visit was to get to watch David Ferrer. He has been a long time favorite of mine and I was excited to get one last view before he is fully retired.

David Ferrer represented Team Europe as they took on the rest of the world in a great format that allows us to watch former champions of the world stage in a slower and more intimate environment.

It is great to watch the present-day professionals, but many of the former champions were the ones that I watched on the television for the past couple of years. I feel that I know these players from watching them in so many exciting matches on the hallowed lawns of Wimbledon to the dirty courts in Paris for the French Open.

Delray Beach Open

The Delray Beach Open gave me the opportunity to sit right on the court and feel the ground shake as the players ran down the lobs and short balls. You would never get this opportunity in New York with the US Open. It was like I was dreaming, being so close to the players as they played.

I also got to receive the autographs of the players competing in the ATP Champions Tour after each game. 

TennisOne thing that the Delray Beach Open does so well is the crossover between the ATP Champions Tour and the present ATP Tour. In between the main stadium court matches, I was able to slip away to the outside courts and get to watch the main event’s qualifiers. They were competing for a place in the main draw of the Delray Beach ATP Tour event. Many of the main draw players were also training and preparing on the outside courts.

If you going to watch the best players in the world compete, whether it be previous champions or the present-day champions. I suggest you pay a visit to Delray Beach, FL for the Delray Beach Open. They have the best players in the world participating and you get so close to them that you will be back every year!

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Tennis For Women Over 50 At the Delray Beach Open