How to Plan the Ultimate 50th Birthday

By on February 14, 2020

Turning 50 is a big deal, and celebrating this birthday properly is absolutely key if you want to ring in the new half of the century with good wishes and good tidings. Don’t hide away; celebrate all the great things and people in your life with a big party!

If you haven’t planned something big since your wedding day, then no worries. Follow this guide to help you plan the ultimate birthday:  

  • Book a Great Venue 

A small dinner isn’t enough to ring in 50, so book out a venue. If your birthday is in the summer, this can be as simple as using the local park for a big barbecue party where all your friends and family come and celebrate. In the winter, you might want to book a venue that has lots of great games, like pool or darts, to drink your way into your birthday with your favorite people

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Do book in advance, however, to ensure you can actually secure the venue on your birthday, and once you do, invite all your closest friends and family so that they can book the necessary time off work. 

  • Create a Signature Drink 

Want to make your birthday something special? Have a signature drink. The best parties have a signature cocktail that defines the mood and makes it so much fun for everyone involved. 

To create your signature drink, you don’t actually have to build a cocktail from scratch. Instead, simply choose your favorite spirit and then look online for some great recipes. If your pick of poison is rye whiskey, then select a great rye whiskey recipe. Try them out, put a bit of a twist on them if you feel inspired, and decide on that one perfect drink. 

To make things fun, you can add your name to the mix. An Old Fashioned could become “Old Fashioned [Your Name].” Have fun and don’t worry about being silly, because it’s your big day and a great milestone to celebrate! 

  • Food and Drink 

If you have the funds, you can absolutely go all out and hire a caterer, but if you can’t, then that’s perfectly acceptable. A great way to contribute towards your own party is to sponsor the signature drink so guests can enjoy at least one item for free, or to cook ahead some great group-sized meals

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Other ways that you can feed all your guests is to make it a BYOB (bring your own booze) and BROF (bring your own food, otherwise known as a potluck) party. You will need to check the license of the place you hire. If you can host your party at your property, then there is no reason to worry. Just remember to coordinate so that everyone can bring one little thing and then enjoy a huge feast of options. 

  • Just Focus on What You Love 

When it comes to deciding on events or who to invite, don’t worry about it! You are celebrating your life and all the good things to come. Focus on what you enjoy and only invite the people you really want to be there. If, at the end of the day, this means a small get together while you enjoy a football game on the couch, then so be it. Whatever makes you happiest is what your birthday should be like.

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How to Plan the Ultimate 50th Birthday