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Let’s face it. Life can be stressful. Whether it is work, never-ending errands, a busy home life, or another stressor, we could all use a break sometimes. This means that it is time for a vacation! Vacations are typically the way we try to escape from everyday chaos, bringing much-needed relaxation and wellness back into our souls.

However, according to the article South Walton Wellness Tourism, vacations do not always have the intended effect, sometimes resulting in a more stressful experience than planned. The article states, “From transportation hassles to disruption of exercise routines to excess eating and drinking, a vacation can actually negatively impact your mental and physical health – the exact opposite of its intention.” Of course, this does not mean vacations are bad…far from it! It is simply important that we are aware of the possibility of stress and plan for it.

To plan stress-free vacations that help us relax and improve our health, we must first change our travel mindset. In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional tourism to wellness tourism. What is wellness tourism? It is traveling with the purpose of improving your well-being, which may be accomplished by participating in wellness activities and experiences.

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Are there vacation destinations that cater to this wellness travel mindset more than others? Definitely! Florida is a great destination for those seeking improved mental and physical health as the purpose of their travel.

Why Florida?

Wellness TravelFirst of all, it supports physical fitness of any variety. By maintaining a physical fitness routine while on travel, you will feel refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to return to “real life” once vacation is over. In Florida, this is almost too easy. If you love the outdoors, Florida offers a fun way to stay fit. Swim in the ocean waves, surf, paddle board, kayak, run on a sandy beach, play beach volleyball, or explore the many nature trails throughout the state. Besides providing great workouts, these outdoor activities ensure you get a healthy dose of vitamin D, which also improve your health. Additionally, there are plenty of indoor fitness opportunities, including pumping iron at the gym, sweating in a yoga class, or climbing at an indoor rock gym.

Another reason Florida is great for wellness tourists is that it is easy to maintain a healthy diet, no matter where you go. Getting the proper nutrition ensures you have ample energy to do the things you have to do and want to do – both on vacation and at home. In Florida, it is easy to seek out restaurants and grocery stores that will support your personal nutrition and diet goals.

Finally, Florida adds a mental relaxation element that is not available in all tourist destinations. A healthy mind is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. The stunning beaches and ocean waves provide one method of soothing a cluttered mind and calming a chaotic spirit. A peaceful day at a spa or yoga session can also help ease your mind, and there are plenty of these in Florida.

Of course, Florida is a big place, so if you are searching for someplace specific, check out South Walton in the Florida Panhandle. These beach communities have everything you need – from physical to mental to spiritual – to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.


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Wellness Travel in Florida
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