Social Technology – Keeping Our Kids and Grandkids Safe

By on April 14, 2015
social technology

Technology and social media – or social technology seem to be changing faster than we can keep up with. But change is inevitable and like it or not, our children and grandchildren are going to be a techno generation that will have to figure out how to use and manage it, in a safe and productive way.

As grandparents, most of us know very little about the latest trends that our grandkids are using, especially in terms of technology and social media. Certainly there are some tech-savvy parents and grandparents – but most are in the dark about Facebook, let alone Snapchat. Most of us have to ask our kids or grandkids how to use our cell phone features, beyond the most basic functions.

So say as a grandparent, you finally get the fundamentals down – Now what? Well, lots of grandparents would be shocked by what goes on in a private cell phone world. And it definitely is a “world” – each user creates profiles, posts comments, takes pictures and videos, and then uploads them to multiple social media sites, thereby creating unique “worlds” where behavior isn’t always monitored or modified, and anyone can contact your grandchild, or make comments anonymously.

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This opens up doors to enormous internet dangers, including strangers who contact children inappropriately. You would be right to assume that most strangers with evil intentions are working the numbers game: contacting as many susceptible kids as possible with the hopes that one vulnerable soul will make contact. Anyone can become a victim with a click of a button or a share of a Facebook post.

How can you prevent this type of behavior from affecting someone you love, like your preteen grandchild or a high school aged daughter? There’s a cell phone monitoring software application available now called Autoforward. This fantastic cell phone application is a simple (grandparents, I said SIMPLE!) that can be applied to a target phone – a phone that belongs to someone you love.

Once installed, that cell phone can be monitored from a unique user control panel and anything on that phone can then be seen: call logs, text messages, photos, videos, GPS location, and more. You can then watch any activity on your desktop computer, cell phone or tablet. Check out this video for complete details.

You can’t stop the world from changing, but you can take the first step to help protect loved ones from inappropriate behavior from unsavory strangers in the internet universe. Technology may be changing faster than we can keep up with, but with Autoforward, you can stop destructive cell phone behavior before it spirals out of control. Learn more about how you can help protect your loved ones with Autoforward.

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Social Technology – Keeping Our Kids and Grandkids Safe