Destination Wedding in Greece: Take Your Elopement to Rhodes

By on July 17, 2019
Destination Wedding

Through the years, the Hellenic Republic has been gaining international attention due to the increasing number of couples who decided to celebrate their wedding in Crete, Santorini, and Athens. There’s no doubt that these three famous spots are the first places that come to mind when someone mentions Greece. Who wouldn’t be familiar with the captivating beaches of Crete, the white-washed establishments of Santorini, and the historical landmarks of Athens, anyway? Nonetheless, you should always keep in mind that the beauty of the Hellenic Republic lies more than these three popular spots. For instance, an award-winning island tucked in the middle of Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea is not only a spot for historical geeks but can also act as a great setting for couples who want a symbolic ceremony in Greece. Also known as the Island of the Knights, Rhodes could be the quixotic witness for your much-awaited destination wedding. 

The largest among the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is considered as one of the Greek pots of culture, history, and ancient beauty. This idyllic place is a home of Colossus of Rhodes which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Rhodes also houses a Medieval Old Town which is declared as a World Heritage Site. Owing to its rich history, you can expect that this island is famous to tourists who are craving for a glimpse of the olden times. In addition to its ancient charm, the Island of the Knights also gained the attention of several wedding planners in Greece like Make Happy Memories. After all, Rhodes has a captivating vibe that makes it an exquisite and flexible place to exchange wedding vows. 

To make you more inspired, we compiled the top reasons why this Dodecanese island deserves a top spot for a wedding in Greece. Here is the list. 

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  1. Haven of Dionysius 

Destination wedding

Do you want to incorporate Greek local wine into your wedding’s beverage menu? Are you planning to engage your guests in a pre-wedding tour that includes a wine-tasting? Rhodes is the perfect setting for those! Embonas, a mountain village in the center of the Dodecanese island, is known for its great reputation in producing the best wine in Rhodes. With that being said, you can ask your wedding planner to talk to the Embonas suppliers to provide you and your invitees with the delightful taste of the Greek beverage.  

  1. The Legacy of Hestia

When you come to Greece, you don’t need ambrosia (the food of mythological gods and goddesses) to feel gastronomically fulfilled. After all, the cuisines of the Hellenic Republic is internationally known for satiating every taste of its visitors. Rhodes, in particular, is a home of world-class patisseries that you can incorporate in your wedding menu. For instance, you might want to include the Loukomades, Spanakopita, and Bougatsa in your reception’s dessert and bread corner. They’re worth the try!  

  1. Psamathe-approved ceremonies

Destination weddingRhodes is an extraordinary place for those who plan to tie the knot at the beach! This island is enlaced with a variety of coastlines that can satiate every couple depending on their specific needs. Aside from being an excellent place for a nautical wedding, Rhode’s distinct seashores make it an interesting island for those couples who want to bring their guests in a memorable pre-wedding exploration. With the watersports of Tsambika, the snorkeling spot of Anthony Quinn, and the windsurfing paradise of Prasonisi, you’ll never run out of choices to entertain your invitees! 

  1. Picturesque Backdrops

No one can deny the exotic beauty of the Medieval town and old edifices of Rhodes. The ancient charm of its heritage sites and grandeur palaces provide a captivating backdrop for your wedding portraits. The Island of the Knights is old but gold, do you agree? Wedding destination

  1. Honeymoon Paradise

Rhodes is enlaced with world-class and luxurious hotels that offer romantic setup for intimate moments. No need to fly to another place because this island is already an amazing setting for the post-celebration of your I Do’s. What’s not to love? 


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Destination Wedding in Greece: Take Your Elopement to Rhodes