How to Make Your Wedding Day More Personal

Wedding day

All brides have a vague idea of how they would like their special day to play out. For some, a large-scale grand occasion is an absolute dream, but for others, a small DIY wedding is their idea of perfect. Regardless of which type of ceremony you’d prefer, having that personal feel throughout the entire day is usually a common goal. Whether you have been married before or this is your very first time tying the knot, read on for a list of ideas that is sure to come in useful and give your wedding day that extra-personal touch.

Have a bespoke wedding dress

While there are thousands of wedding gowns to choose from both online and in-store, have you ever thought about designing your very own? You may have researched a range of styles but have found that there are key designs and details on different dresses that you’d like to combine. While it may be more expensive to commission a custom-made dress, it will certainly last as a lifetime memento of your special day, one that can be passed down the generations. 

Invitations and thank-you cards

Guests are bound to feel special when they’re sent an invitation to attend your special day. Even when the wedding has come to an end, there is nothing more personal than sending your guests a thank-you card as an appreciation for gifts they kindly gave to you. You can purchase sample wedding invitations and thank-you cards that can be personalized to your exact requirements, including the option to add your own photos, messages, and color tones.

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Create your own wedding rings

What could be more romantic than sitting down with your fiancé to create your own wedding rings? Many jewelers provide this service, allowing you to pick the cut, carat, and color – there may even the option to add engraving on the inside of the band. Creating custom wedding rings is usually a full-day experience and will become a lasting memory you can share in the lead-up to your special day.

Give a bridal speech

As the bride, you may not be someone who likes to stick to tradition, and in this case, there’s no reason why you couldn’t give a bridal speech to make your big day that little bit more special. After the groom has spoken, you may be keen to share your feelings for your new spouse in front of your family and friends and pass on your thanks to all those in attendance.

Make your own favors

Wedding favors are a small gift to guests from the couple as a gesture of appreciation. Sugared almonds were typically the preferred choice for wedding favors over the decades, but nowadays, couples tend to get a little more creative and often make DIY table favors for their guests. Some ideas include:

  • Home-made personalized biscuits
  • Mini personalized bottles of limoncello
  • A pre-made jam jar of hot cocoa flavors (for winter weddings)
  • Mini jars of candy

These are just a few ideas to get your creative cogs turning; however, there are also many DIY wedding favor ideas online that may be more suited to your guest list.

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How to Make Your Wedding Day More Personal
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