Weddings After 50: Rules and Tips to Follow

By on June 24, 2020

As a couple over 50, you probably already know the dos and don’ts of dating and even the new rules associated with dating at this age. However, did you know that there are rules and etiquette for weddings over the age of 50 as well? 

Whether this is your first time at the altar or if you’re remarrying, if you’re planning a wedding and you’re 50 or older, read on below for a few of the rules, etiquette, and even tips you might want to follow. 

Keep the Jewelry Simple 

There is nothing wrong with simple wedding rings and an engagement ring that isn’t ostentatious. If you’ve gotten to the point in your life where you both feel that simple is better, starting with a classic, yet simple rings are probably the best way to go. 

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You Can and Should Register for Gifts

It is thought out there that you can’t possibly register for gifts when you’re tying the knot after 50. After all, you should be set up in your household already, for many years in fact. That’s simply not true. First off, you only think you have everything you need to start your new life together. Once you’re settled in the same house, you’ll soon find out that’s not the case. 

Instead, go through your two houses and determine what you’re keeping, what you’re throwing away, and then register for the things you still need before the wedding. This is your big day and you should expect gifts to go with it. 

Wear the White Gown if You Choose 

There are many wedding gowns out there to choose from for older brides, and if you want that gown to be white then go for it. The days when a white gown was meant to be a symbol of virginity are long gone, and many first-time brides don’t even wear white themselves. There are over 100 shades of white to choose from, so nothing is taboo. The choice is yours and yours alone. 

Having a Big Bridal Party is Perfectly Fine 

By the time you’re in your 50’s chances are you know a ton of people. Having a big bridal party is perfectly acceptable, in fact, it might be easier. Since you’re older there are probably some blended family ties as well. You don’t want to exclude anyone. After all, it’s a whole lot more fun to take photographs with a big bridal party, than a small one. 

Invite the Ex or Not, it’s Totally Up to You 

Chances are if you’re getting married after 50, you have an ex floating around out there. Maybe he’s an ex that you’re still friends with? Maybe you have children together? There’s no rule that says you have to exclude your ex from your wedding. If you want to invite him, feel perfectly free to do so. If you don’t, then leave it alone. 

Make it a Destination Wedding if You Want To 

If you want to get married in Aruba or some exotic locale, go for it! Not only is it your wedding, but a destination wedding may be easier to pull off than a traditional church wedding would be. Just make sure that it’s possible for your guests to get to the destination and keep their budgets in mind when planning travel and hotel accommodations. 

These are just a few of the new rules for getting married when you’re over 50. Weddings for older couples are not unusual in today’s modern world, so plan your wedding and enjoy it as only you can.

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Weddings After 50: Rules and Tips to Follow