Living Independently: Staying High Spirited as Quadriplegics

By on August 29, 2019

It is often said that the human spirit is indomitable, and believe it or not, that indomitable spirit often only shows itself when the conditions are dire enough. Being a quadriplegic is a sad part of life that many of us have to accept without choice, but it doesn’t automatically mean you must surrender all your independence. There are a lot of misconceptions about quadriplegics and their ability to function, so read on as we discuss a few of them and suggest effective and practical ways for paraplegics to stay independent.

Do Not Misunderstand the Meaning of the Word ‘Quadriplegia’

Originating mostly from spinal cord injuries or damage caused to the area by certain motor neuron diseases, quadriplegia is not complete paralysis of the body. Also known as tetraplegia, it simply means that the patient has lost significant or slight loss of function in all four limbs.

The effects vary from person to person and mostly depend on the extent and nature of the injury or damage. It could mean the patient cannot use or feel certain fingers and toes on their hands and feet, but it could also mean that they cannot walk without aid.

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It May Not Always be Permanent

Once again, quadriplegia varies from person to person, so you should not give up hope right away. Doctors will inform you whether the quadriplegia is permanent or not, and in most cases, some of the initially lost sensations will return in time.

Even if the doctor says your quadriplegia is permanent, there have been plenty of instances where people have come out of permanent quadriplegia to an extent. Staying high spirited will help you not give up on the physiotherapy and other medical care.

Take the Aid of Machines and Tools to Make Yourself More Independent

People with amputated legs have been running in international events for over a decade now, and even stroke patients 80+ years old are often able to walk around on their own with the aid of a simple walker. Some even use the cane to stylish effect as a matter of fact, while others utilize stairlifts to get up and down the stairs freely.

You can check out the stairlifts cost over on Age UK, as they have some of the most affordable models on the market. By installing a stairlift, you are instantly able to solve one of the biggest problems which paraplegics and quadriplegics face at home, climbing stairs.

Alongside finding stairlifts online at much cheaper prices than you might expect, they often come with excellent installment plans as well. When you want to preserve your independence, it’s a cost worth considering at least. 

The tools and technology are already there to assist you and make you more independent, so make use of it the best as you can, and you will reduce the amount of help you need from others. 

Independence is not just about mental satisfaction, because it goes much deeper than that. The very fact that you have not given up even after losing significant limb functionality is a testament to your high spirits, and you may be inspiring others around you without even knowing it. In addition to that, the self-confidence and will to fight through the condition often yields excellent results for health, mood, and recovery as well. People who do not give up on themselves are usually the ones who manage to regain at least some of the functions they had lost. It may take years, but not quitting is what will keep your spirits high enough to face it all anyway. 


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Living Independently: Staying High Spirited as Quadriplegics