How to Look After Your Feet as You Get Older

By on August 29, 2019

As we age, it is inevitable that our health will somewhat deteriorate, and once you have reached the later stages of life, your mobility won’t be what it used to be. So, it is more important than ever that you look after your feet. After a long life, there is no surprise that our feet are feeling sore, tired and in need of some extra care and attention. Whether you are completing daily errands or simply getting from A to B, providing support and stability to your feet is crucial. So, here is the ultimate guide on how to look after your feet as you get older. 

Pamper Your Skin

It is important that you look after your skin as you get older, but often it is easy to focus on other areas of your body and, therefore, neglect your feet. As we age, the skin on our feet becomes drier and thinner, which is why they need more attention than they did when we were younger. After every time you go for a bath or shower, you should rub your feet with a hydrating lotion to keep your feet feeling moist and fresh. However, you should avoid leaving excess lotion between your toes, as this can increase your risk of contracting fungal infections. If you suffer from hard skin, you should try an exfoliating foot scrub, as this may help to ease any pain you get when walking. 

Choose the Right Footwear 

By wearing the right shoes for your feet, you will be able to protect your feet and toes from any further injuries or discomfort. Throughout your lifetime, you likely didn’t always wear the best shoes for your feet, and narrow and high heeled shoes may be the reason that you suffer from bunions or corns now that you are older. You may also find that your feet get longer and wider as you get older, meaning that you may need extra wide fit shoes for swollen feet. It is important in your later years of life that you find the right shoes to provide your feet with the extra support and comfort that they deserve. 

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Take Care of Your Nails

Your toenails will likely become more brittle and dry as you get older, which can make them a lot easier to cut when they get too long. You should cut your nails after a warm bath or foot soak, as this makes them easier to take care of as well. Taking care of your nails is important, as if they get too long and hard, they may start to affect your mobility and throw you off balance. Although, be sure to cut them as straight across as possible to avoid getting any ingrown toenails

Don’t Ignore Pain 

Even though getting older means that you will likely suffer from some aches and pains, it is important that you don’t ignore any pain that you feel in your feet. If you are experiencing pain, you should seek medical treatment right away. After all the time you have spent on your feet during your lifetime, it is normal for them to ache from time to time, but delaying to seek the help your feet need may make treatment more difficult. 

Our feet are often an underappreciated part of our bodies, but if we take care of our feet, they will take care of us. Hopefully, this guide has given you the information and inspiration you need to start taking care of your feet so that you can lead a healthier and more active life. 


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How to Look After Your Feet as You Get Older