How to Improve Your Garden This Year

By on February 5, 2016
How to Improve Your Garden This Year

If you thought gardening was a fair-weather activity, think again. Winter is actually the perfect time to start thinking about how to improve your garden for the coming year. And there are plenty of things you could do!

Evaluate what happened last spring/summer

First, consider what didn’t work so well in your garden last year. Did your vegetable patch grow with vitality and vigor? Did your flowers flourish? What about your fruit trees and potted plants? If you’d like to improve the quality of your outdoor space, consider seed treatment to maximize your garden’s potential. You can buy conventional or organic treated seeds, designed to produce healthy, high-quality fruit, vegetables, and plants… which means you’re more likely to enjoy a lush, full garden come summertime!

Prune trees and shrubs

Tree pruning is an inexpensive but effective way of improving your garden. If it’s been growing wild over the winter, cut back branches into a goblet shape with four main fingers reaching out. This will encourage growth in the springtime. You’ll also find that trimming trees and shrubs will change the texture and depth of your garden when viewed from different angles, as well as letting in some much-needed light for plants trapped beneath their shade. Why not use it as an opportunity to improve your garden? You could add new blossoms, fruits, colors, textures, and shapes in that newly acquired space.

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Add water

It goes without saying that your garden needs plenty of water to survive. Why not add a little extra this year? A water feature (as well as being an interesting focal point of the garden) is a brilliant way of encouraging wildlife into your garden. If nothing else, consider a small pond, an overturned pot to serve as a bird feeder, or even just a decorative dish placed atop a tree stump. 

Make it a space to relax

Our gardens are great spaces to facilitate our green-fingered projects, but they should also be an area of relaxation too. Why not improve your garden this year by finding a zone reserved for you and your loved ones? Section off a corner and smooth it over with good decking, reclaimed timber, gravel, brickwork or tiles. This kind of patio area doesn’t have to cost the earth, and properly laid gravel is the cheaper option if you’d prefer not to level out the land first.

Or, invest in some appropriate lighting. We love soft, cozy lighting inside our homes, so why not give some thought to your outdoor space too? Downlighting will add a subtle glow and is kinder to local wildlife as it reduces the amount of light pollution traveling upwards. It might also be worth considering outdoor lanterns, festoon lights, and fairy lights as well, as this will create a year-round entertaining space for get-togethers with family and friends. A fire pit will complete your outdoor nook and makes a focal point for storytelling and marshmallow toasting!

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How to Improve Your Garden This Year