Great Outdoor Structures for Your Yard and Garden

By on May 10, 2018
Great Outdoor Structures for Your Yard and Garden

Outdoor structures allow the flexibility for you to enjoy your back garden at any time of the year, day or night. Whether it’s made from stone, wood or greenery, a structure brings that sense and feel of protection to an outdoor space. Here are some of the structures you should have in your garden and the benefits they bring to your outdoor space.

Shade structures – Pergolas

Shade structures such as pergolas are often thought about during the hottest of months, but even on those cooler days they can increase outdoor comfort. They create a different atmosphere from similar structures such as gazebos. They are sleek, simplistic and modern – here are a few different benefits to having a shade structure:

  • Shelter from cold and wind. There’s no need for you to change the whole of your landscape to simply enjoy your garden. Just adding simple things such as shelter can provide a nurturing space for friends and family whenever they come to visit.
  • Allowing you to spend more time outside. Whatever the weather, whether it’s hot sun or rain, a shelter allows you to sit outside regardless. An umbrella structure can allow protection for as little as two people to as many as ten, if you have a large group gathering. As well as being functional, these also look stylish.
  • Protection from noise. An added bonus is that they can be a noise buffer depending on the structure you’ve made. It can be seen as an extension of the house or sheltered seating.

Green houses

There is nothing to deny the utility of a greenhouse and they can make for a beautiful addition to your back garden. They do more than just add that visual appeal, they allow you to grow thing such as fruit and veg all summer and even during the winter. As well as heating for your plants during the coldest of months. Ranging from sizes big or small, they can be made from scrap metal or purchased as a whole.

Retaining wall

A retaining wall is a great garden asset. It might serve as an emphasis wall, a centre of an attention, extra seating or to divide parts of your garden into sections. Stone walls serve as such a great landscape design and will enhance the value, look and enjoyment of your home. Functional and aesthetically pleasing – here are some other main benefits to having a retaining wall:

  • Adds style
  • Can prevent damage to surrounding areas and property
  • Helpful in preventing flooding
  • Enhances foundation plantings, adding textural contrasts and great for growing plants, vegetables or herbs

Fencing and boundaries

Fencing and boundaries are perfect for a smaller garden as it invigorates the design. Having an interesting trellis or smart new fencing will really add to the style and atmosphere of your outdoor space. Climbers on an otherwise ordinary looking wall will improve its appearance and adding fences to a garden will provide you with an extra decorative dimension. Don’t be afraid to paint your fencing in a bright colour – they don’t have to be plain brown – making your garden great to look at and somewhere you’re proud of.

Now you know the benefits of having garden structures, why not give some thought to what you can introduce to your outdoor space?

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Great Outdoor Structures for Your Yard and Garden