House Renovations: How to Take the Stress Out of Projects

By on August 12, 2020
house renovations

Whether it’s a lick of paint, some new wallpaper or a whole reworking of a home, a newly decorated room can really help you fall in love with your house again. The only problem is that making house renovations can be so stressful you’ll want to live anywhere but your home while the work is carried out. 

If you’re concerned about how a forthcoming project is going to affect your day-to-day life, here are a few tips to try and reduce the inconvenience of renovations to your home.

Agree on a plan

Before you let anybody alter a single thing about your home, it’s important that everyone knows exactly how you want the finished project to look. Sit down with whoever is in charge of your project, whether that be a contractor, a friend, or a family member, and make a clear plan that everybody can stick to. 


Start with a floor plan of your space and draw each alteration to scale, clearly labeling the dimensions and any other important bits of information. Then come up with an order of when each alteration needs to be carried out; for example, electrical and plumbing work will need to be fully completed before any plastering or painting. Decide on all the fixtures, fittings and furniture you want and make sure they fit in the space and comply with building codes. Try and get as many of these items delivered before you start work, as a lack of materials can severely delay any progress. 

De-clutter your home

If you’re changing a room in the house, it has a huge impact on how cluttered your home is during the renovation. Even if you’re just doing something as simple as fitting a new carpet, you’ll still need to remove every piece of furniture in that room to allow the tradespeople to get in and complete the job. That means every room in your house will feel a lot more cluttered as you try desperately to find somewhere to store each piece of furniture.

If you don’t want a small project to take over your whole home, consider hiring somewhere else to store those belongings while you renovate that room. You can now get a storage unit delivered directly onto your driveway. MI-BOX has a wide range of sizes available to fit any project, just click here to choose one and arrange for it to be dropped off. Each unit is tough and durable, so your items will be safe from the elements and any renovation accidents caused by tools, dirt or spilled paint. 

Make those final checks

Your builders may think all the work is done, but has it been completed exactly how you want it? Go around the room and check that every inch has been completed correctly. List any problems, like an unpainted portion of the wall, a shelf that’s been put up in the wrong place, or even a fixture that hasn’t been secured properly. Then make sure the contractors know these problems need to be fixed before you can call the job complete.

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House Renovations: How to Take the Stress Out of Projects