What Type of House Siding Should You Get?

By on August 12, 2020
house siding

Building your new home, or revamping an old one, can be an exciting idea.  That is until you have to make decisions on every single detail.  A big choice that can affect the look of your home, how it handles weather, and how much you have to spend- is the siding.  Unlike brick or stucco homes, there are endless variations and types of house siding- and then thousands of colors to choose from.

If you want help narrowing your choices down, here are the top five types of siding, and is how they’re best used!  You can replace your siding at any time, so don’t start shopping for Birmingham homes for sale if your siding is all you hate!


This classic and environmentally friendly choice is the one more first-time housebuilders choose.  It has a familiar look, great texture, and can take paint easily.  Wood is generally inexpensive to get as siding, but of course, it does have its drawback.  Because wood is highly susceptible to weather and bugs, you have to maintain it carefully.  If you let wood rot or let termites get into it, you risk ruining your home’s interior.  Wood is beautiful, and lasts well, be sure you can take care of it before buying it.


Fiber Cement

Made of Portland cement, cellulose fibers, and water, this siding is made to stand up against any weather.  More expensive than wood, but also more durable, the good thing about fiber cement siding is that it can be built to look however you’d like.  You don’t have to repaint unless you want to, and it can even be textured to look like wood.  The only problem you may find is cleaning it after the pollen season.  A pressure washer can help take off any debris, and won’t damage the paint and finish.


This siding is another classic, like wood, that many homeowners find most familiar.  Vinyl siding is inexpensive, doesn’t risk bugs or rot, and allows you to have a color that won’t need to get repainted unless you want it.  The main problems with this siding come up in rough or cold weather.  It can crack, bend, and get damaged far more comfortable than many of these other options.  If you live with harsh weather- this isn’t the choice for you.

Insulated Siding

As an off branch of vinyl siding, insulated siding offers homeowners a way to save money.  This option is regular siding, with a layer of insulation built into them.  This siding can keep out the elements and lower your expenses while keeping your house looking nice.


This siding is used less often, but can still be the right choice.  Aluminum and steel are the top picks, with many people choosing aluminum since it’s less expensive.  Metal is resilient, pretty to look at, and easy to maintain.  The only problem is it traps heat, so if you live in a warmer area, this won’t be for you.

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What Type of House Siding Should You Get?