A House Checkup in Time for Spring

By on March 7, 2018
A House Checkup in Time for Spring

Looking forward to the warmer weather that the spring months will bring? Want to find a useful way to pass the days until then? Why not give your house a checkup?

A yearly maintenance plan can keep your house’s property value from declining. Additionally, the maintenance you provide for your house appliances is vital for combating wear and tear. In fact, manufacturers will often not pay out for insured appliances that break if required maintenance was not provided. Giving your house a thorough inspection can also serve as a preventative move to keep your home trouble-free for the rest of the year.

Where to start? Here are the essential activities to take on:

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Inspect the outside of your house.

Look around the perimeter of your house. How has it stood up to winter weather? Leak detection is important to structural integrity. As is inspecting concrete for cracks. Does your driveway need repaving? Cracks can become a trip hazard for both the elderly and the very young.

Additionally, look at the walls of your house. Does your house need a new coat of paint? Or will a wash take off most of the winter grime? Your gutters should also get a once over and likely a cleaning, too. Clogged gutters can be the cause of many structural problems. But be careful when cleaning them out. Ladder accidents are common. And in 2015, 630,000 Americans required treatment for ladder-related injuries. Be smart and follow the National Safety Council’s ladder safety guide.

If your property has trees, lawns, or a garden, now is the time to get your grounds ready to shine. For trees, check for dead branches or other signs of age. If you do not know what to look for, hire an arborist to provide an evaluation. For gardens, now is the time for clearing away any remaining dead leaves that were hidden under the snow. Fertilize and plan what bulbs, vegetables, and other bounties you will plant.

Call your HVAC tech for that once-a-year servicing.

If you use central heating, call for a tune-up. While everything might appear to be working on the surface, regular maintenance could prolong the life of your HVAC by a couple of years. Your technician should look for signs of damage along with the ductwork. As well as provide servicing and cleaning of the AC compressor and furnace. While HVAC technicians may also provide vent cleaning, this is something that most homeowners are able to manage on their own.

As the weather warms, consider reprograming your thermostat. Doing so could save you as much as 10 percent off your yearly energy bill.

Give your kitchen appliances a deep clean.

Fridges that are improperly maintained can use up to 15 percent of your house’s total power. Seasonally, you should adjust the temperature settings. Lower in the winter, and higher in the summer. Vacuuming the coils at the back of your fridge can also help save on energy costs. Of course, getting to the back of your fridge can be an ordeal. Experts advise doing it twice a year, but if you can only manage it once a year, that is better than nothing.

Do you clean out your fridge from top to bottom, pulling everything out, and wiping it down at least monthly? If you cannot remember the last time you did so, do it now, as part of your spring cleaning routine. Not only will you feel better, but your health will thank you, too.

Other spaces in your kitchen to clean include the ceiling fan, your kitchen curtains, the range of your stove, and behind and around the stove. Fat and oil deposits around the ventilation ducts and cooking area are common causes of fires started in the kitchen. A deep clean of problem areas in your kitchen is a preventative measure against fire risk.

Declutter and toss for that streamlined feeling.

Tossing clutter can provide you with a feeling of liberation. But getting to ground zero might feel like an uphill climb. Call in reinforcements if needed. Or, if you work better alone, then put on your battle gear and get to tossing. Tackle one area of the house at a time and remember to pace yourself.

You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you see areas of your house begin to emerge from under that layer of paper and junk. Your house will feel lighter, fresher, and cleaner for the rest of the year. A worthy goal to tackle during the days leading up to spring.

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A House Checkup in Time for Spring