5 Ways to Step Up (or Start) Your Social Media Game at Any Age

By on March 7, 2018
5 Ways to Step Up (or Start) Your Social Media Game at Any Age

You may think technology is only for millennials or business professionals who are required to be tech-savvy, but that’s not true at all. In fact, 1 in 3 seniors report using social media. If they’re not already, seniors can use technology to help stay connected with friends and family online, stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends and so much more. Here are five ways to step up your social media game no matter your level of expertise.

Find the Right Social Media Platform

Before embarking on your social media journey, you’ll need to decide what exactly you want to use social media for. Maybe your kids finally convinced you to get on Facebook to keep in contact with your lost friends and relatives, or perhaps you want to try to connect with an old colleague after retirement through LinkedIn. Whatever the reason, there are tons of social media platforms for seniors regardless of age, skill level and goal.

Practice Social Media Etiquette

Once you’ve decided which social media platforms you want to interact on, you’ll need to create a profile and get to networking! Here are some things to keep in mind on social media platforms:

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Update Your Profile Bio and Picture – People want to know that it’s you and that you’re not a fake or spam account. Upload an appropriate picture of yourself that represents who you are today, and not who you were 20 years ago. To get a high-quality picture, a smartphone like an iPhone or Android can help you capture the perfect profile-worthy picture. You may also want to consider stepping up your selfie game as well!

Change Your Privacy Settings – Social media can be a scary world, so it’s important to protect yourself and your privacy online. Change your settings so that your social media profiles are private to the public and only add people that you know. Never share or post any compromising information on any social media site to avoid any kind of identity or financial theft.

Follow and Be Followed – Follow family members, former colleagues, and friends. You can also follow your favorite celebrities, TV channels and news stations. You can even change your settings to get real-time news updates and notifications from your favorite celebrities, TV channels and companies.

Don’t Be a Ghost Follower

Another important part of social media etiquette to remember is to actually keep up with your accounts. This doesn’t mean that you need to or should be addicted to social media, but logging on to your Facebook and Instagram profiles and sharing pictures more than once a year is key. You don’t want to be considered a “ghost follower,” or someone who never posts pictures or content on social media. So make sure to engage with your followers’ posts and share your own content as well. People love seeing those adorable pictures of your family or getting an update on what you’re up to once in a while.

Use Fast and Efficient Mobile Devices

With all of the posting, tweeting, connecting and video streaming you’ll be doing, you’re going to need a mobile device to keep up with you. To do this, you’ll need to use mobile devices that are equipped with the equipped with the best mobile processors. Snapdragon processors are fast, energy efficient and allow you to do things like:

  • Tweet and post quickly throughout the day without draining your battery life
  • Have superior camera functionality for all those new selfies you’ll be taking
  • Connect from anywhere, no matter where you’re at
  • Benefit from enhanced security solutions to keep you and your personal information safe

Having the right mobile processor on your device will allow you to connect faster and stay online longer, which means even more time to connect with your loved ones.

Make a Tech-Savvy Friend

If any of this seems scary, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Technology can be overwhelming but it can also be really rewarding when used correctly. Keep a positive attitude and be open to change with the evolving technology. So instead of rolling your eyes at your grandson who’s always glued to his smartphone, ask him for help. Who better to ask for social media advice than a millennial? There are also tons of social well-being clubs for seniors with seminars and social media events that you can attend and make friends who are just like you. Meetup is a great service to help you find likeminded seniors as well. You’ll learn tips, tricks and network with social-media gurus who can give you even more tips on staying relevant online.

Using a fast mobile processor, practicing social media etiquette and keeping an open mind will help you begin or boost your social media journey. With these social media tips, you will be a natural in no time!


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5 Ways to Step Up (or Start) Your Social Media Game at Any Age