3 Items to Get Rid of When You’re Downsizing

By on August 26, 2016
3 Items to get rid of when you're downsizing

Downsizing to a smaller place is, no pun intended, a big move. The shift represents a change in your lifestyle from having space for everything to space for only a few possessions. This time is an excellent opportunity to throw away or donate items you don’t need or want anymore. Dialing in on what you need, what you might need, and what you won’t need can help you make some decisions. Discover three items you can get rid of when you’re downsizing.


Clothes tend to multiply, don’t they? One moment, you have a few pieces; the next moment, your closet is overflowing, drawers are bursting to capacity, and you’re looking for extra storage space. When your home has enough space to accommodate everything, you don’t think about throwing items away. After all, you might need that blouse one day. 

Clothes take up space, and space is at a premium in a smaller dwelling. Cull your wardrobe until all you have left are the essentials and a little extra. Keep your favorites and get rid of your not-so-favorites. If you’re moving to a warmer climate, keep a few warm-season clothes, but don’t take everything.

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Extra Furniture

Furniture is something you usually acquire in a way that suits your taste and brings a room together. But you have fewer rooms in a smaller home. Take the time to go to work and figure out what pieces you want to bring with you and what furniture you want to give up. 

If you find yourself having a hard time deciding what to keep or toss, get out the measuring tape. You might find that some of your pieces are simply too large to fit in the new space. Or, you can rank each piece on a scale and eliminate the furniture pieces that you mark as the lowest.

Craft Supplies

Craft projects are one of those areas that can lead to project creep. At one moment, you’ve contained your supplies to one room, and at the next moment, you have items scattered over the house. While you don’t need to give up your hobbies, you do need to consider how much of it to bring along to your next home. A smaller space simply won’t be able to accommodate crafts spread throughout the home. 

Go through your projects and figure out which ones have the most importance to you. Filter your supplies and figure out what you haven’t touched in more than a year. If you haven’t used a particular craft item in a year, chances are you’re not going to use it in the future. Take the time to cull and junk your project scraps from your home as well.

Don’t like the idea of throwing out good supplies? Find someone who will buy what you have for a few dollars or donate the unwanted supplies to a charity. 

Downsizing isn’t the easiest decision to make, but the process has the potential to be liberating. Leaving behind stuff you simply don’t need anymore is akin to shedding an old skin. You’re entering a new chapter of life and starting fresh with a new way of living.


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3 Items to Get Rid of When You’re Downsizing