Horseback Safari in South Africa

By on December 9, 2019
Horseback Safari

There is nothing more breathtaking than seeing a wild animal in their natural environment. I have been fortunate to be on an African safari before. Driving in a vehicle, on the lookout for the animals, we were restricted by the vehicle and road. These experiences were wonderful but limiting. Celebrating my 50th birthday in South Africa, I treated myself to a horseback safari. The ability for my horse to stroll right up to and next to the various animals far exceeded my expectations!

Riding on my horse, Tom, I was led through the Krugersdorp Game Reserve just outside Johannesburg, South Africa. We went up hills and across the highveld. The horses stopped frequently to eat the lush green grass. I was thankful that Tom was not the one that took me into the lake for a bath. That was the fortunate tale of another of the guests on the horse Echo! We did get to cross the river and see the waterfall.

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I couldn’t help but imagine that I was a cowgirl upon my horse, back in the wild west days. We were able to see many animals. They leave you with a sense of awe and wonder. I was able to get so close to the following animals;

Horseback SafariGiraffe

The Giraffe was very special. The park has 9 giraffes of which 2 were fairly young ones. With their heads soaring above the trees, these giraffes flocked together from tree to tree eating the leaves off of each one. It was amazing to see how their tongues worked around the long, sharp thorns to grab the fresh green leaves. They are so graceful until they need to run!


ZebraHorseback Safari

We got to see 2 of the males play. They chased each other round in circles and nipped the hind leg of the other. Showing their teeth, they were able to get good bites in. Being on the horse, it felt as though they didn’t even see the humans, but their cousins who came over for a snack. The mane of the Zebra stood right up as the surveyed the area with their “too cool smirk”. They seemed at peace with us there and just went on with life as per usual.

Horseback safari


Horseback SafariWe had the most entertaining guide, Wyt. He kept us well informed as well as entertained. The national animal of South Africa is the Springbok. In addition to being the national animal, the national Rugby team is called the Springboks! They had just beaten England in the World Cup finals to be crowned the world champions, Wyt was certain to ensure that we remembered this fact!

There were thousands of Springbok running through the area, stopping only long enough to refuel with some of the delicious green grass.

WaterbuckHorseback Safari

The Waterbuck is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa. It is placed in the genus Kobus of the family Bovidae. It is larger than the Springbok and was a little more docile. We came across them throughout the game park. The Krugersdorp game park has the lions in a separate enclosure to protect the other game and us, tourists! So these bucks are not running from the lions either.

These Waterbuck were so majestic in their movements!

Horseback Safari


These guys reminded me of the large Bison found in North America. A much smaller version that contains loads more energy too. They moved across the Highveld so quickly. Their top speed is estimated at 50 mph, which is pretty quick! The Krugersdorp Game Park only has the Black Wildebeest running through it.

We had such an awesome time and looking back, this was a life-changing experience. We had done a drive through another park in South Africa, and being on the horse allowed us to get up close and personal. Being so close to the raw, wild animals truly gives you a sense of respect for who they are!

Just remember your sunscreen when you visit, the African sun is something else!



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Horseback Safari in South Africa