How to Help Your Child With Their Wedding Planning

By on February 17, 2020
Wedding planning

Your child is getting married! This is a very exciting moment, but emotions aside, it’s implied in many cultures that parents help to pay for the wedding. Not to mention, these days it’s not just the bride’s side that is expected to contribute. Whether you’re contributing financially or not, you may feel that your general investment in your child means you’re entitled to some involvement in the wedding planning process. As reasonable as this may seem, it’s also a veritable minefield for unrest and strained feelings, if caution isn’t taken. You don’t want to be perceived as overthrowing anyone, or meddling where it’s not wanted. Ultimately, everyone wants it to be the perfect day. Whether it’s simply providing a listening ear, to booking a personal wedding photo booth, here are some tips to identify where you can involve yourself, without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Break down the stress

No matter how serene and rational a person can be, weddings can easily become overwhelming! Flowers, venues, guest lists, there’s so much to consider. First thing’s first – try to find out what the bride and groom want from their day. Listen to what they have to say. Do they have a list, reference photos or Pinterest board? Show interest in this process and gain a better understanding of their expectations. It’s well worth breaking things down visually so that you can physically be on the same page. This is also an opportunity to express your wishes and ideas, but be respectful. If there’s something that matters immensely to you, try to compromise if it’s received with resistance. If you truly want to help, make sure you’re helping from the back seat.

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Discuss what you’re willing to help with

Many parents still make significant financial contributions, on both sides. If you plan on doing so, the main concern is being up-front with how much you’re willing to pay for. This can be a set figure, or a particular aspect of the wedding such as flowers, clothing, venue hire etc. Don’t fall into the trap of making comparisons between the involvement of the bride versus the groom’s family. Any assistance is worthy of appreciation.

Lend a hand

Naturally, your contribution can be money-based, but never overlook the value of offering your time. A lot of people choose to DIY certain elements of their wedding parties these days. Whether you’re a crochet champion, can fold in a straight line, or just drive to pick up supplies, your help is invaluable. These sorts of gestures show your children that you truly value them, and make a huge difference in saving on innumerable resources – not just financial ones. You will feel like you’ve contributed more than just money, and become a sincere and irreplaceable part of the wedding.

Get creative

Weddings bring together all types of people, and with a bit of creativity, you can help them all feel welcome. Surprisingly, focusing on keeping the guests happy and entertained is often overlooked. If something doesn’t go to plan, attendees can be left to occupy themselves for hours. No one wants people no-showing or leaving early, and a creative draw or two can help keep people partying ‘til sunrise. Coming up with creative solutions can allow your child to focus on themselves. You can have a photobooth, slushie machine, karaoke, roaming magician or food truck. With the rise of online business, options are endlessly expanding.

When treated with care and an open mind, getting involved in your child’s wedding can lead to a beautiful bonding opportunity. They’re commencing a new stage of their lives, and you want to make sure you’re not left behind. When coming from a place of love, your contributions can help create a truly memorable experience for all involved, and take your familial bond to the next level.


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How to Help Your Child With Their Wedding Planning