Helping Your Adult Child Plan Their Wedding – What You Need to Know

By on December 30, 2019

One of the most exciting and rewarding things about being a parent is having the opportunity to watch your child grow, mature, choose their own path, and live their life. It’s something that never gets old and is constantly changing as your child matures and becomes an adult. When the day comes that they announce to you that they are getting married, there are bound to be tears of joy, happiness, and a little disbelief. They are already at the point in life that calls for a wedding.

So, what happens when your child asks you to be involved in wedding plans? Sure, it’s a great honor, but are there any do’s and don’ts that you should be following, and is there a protocol that parents need to adhere to? While there is no set rule guide, these tips and advice can certainly help you navigate your role in the wedding planning with ease.

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Check Out the Venues with Them In-Person

There will be many decisions to be made where the wedding plans are concerned, but few are as impactful as choosing the venue. The venue is what will set the tone for the entire wedding, so this is a huge step in the process. Making yourself available to visit various venues in person with your child can make a huge difference. 

A good tip is to help them plan out a list of questions to ask the venues so they cover all the most important details. You can ask questions such as; how many guests can the venue accommodate; is on-site catering is provided, or will you need to hire outside help; what kind of décor is included; what “extras” do they offer; what is the pricing like, and so forth.

Help Them Choose the Perfect Menu

For the guests, they are coming to see the couple wed of course, but a big part of the experience will be the food they eat that day. What this means is that the wedding menu needs to be well-thought-out and tasty. This is another area you can help them with. Meeting with the catering or setting up a phone call to discuss the options is a good first step. 

Caterers such as Eco Caters, a Los Angeles wedding catering service, can even work with couples to create a customized menu. 

Wedding Attire Shopping Can be a Bonding Experience

Then there is the wedding attire. Whether your child is the groom or the bride, going with them to pick their outfit can be a real special bonding experience. Just be prepared and bring a tissue with you because you’re bound to shed a tear or two. 

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It’s About Support, Not Necessarily Opinions

The final tip is to remember that when you’re helping your child with wedding plans, it is often your support that they need, not strong opinions. Sure, they may ask your opinion on particulars here and there, but in general, your support will be what they need so they can stay calm and focused on the planning.

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Helping Your Adult Child Plan Their Wedding – What You Need to Know