How to Boost the Chances of a Quick House Sale

By on February 17, 2020
House sale

Some people are happy to hang on and wait but for others, a quick house sale can be life-changing. It can result in them netting their dream home, moving closer to family quicker or a whole host of other benefits. In other words, it is utterly important.

Unfortunately, not all areas and homes are susceptible to these quick sales. On the contrary, it can take an absolute age in some regions, and this is the reason we have decided to put together today’s guide.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best tips you can take advantage of if you are desperate to beat the moving averages when it comes to a fast house sale.

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Have your own plans firmly in place

You are looking to move in record speeds, but where exactly are you looking to move to?

For some of you, you will have already agreed to a home and the date of this is just dependent on your existing sale. For others, you might not have a firm plan. It’s here where you really need to assess your options and perhaps use this checklist from Safestore. In other words, get your own house in order before you think about the finer details of the sale itself.

Only accept cash buyers

Granted, beggars can’t be choosers, but if you are serious about getting the wheels in motion then you really should only be turning to cash buyers.

Whenever you turn to a buyer who is armed with a mortgage, you are adding another party into the mix. Banks tend to want a whole host of information, and before you know it weeks, or more, have been added to your deadlines. Cash buyers mean that a lot of this information is not required.

Try and avoid the dreaded chain

Something else that can prompt huge delays is a housing chain. It can sometimes be difficult to calculate if a particular buyer is part of a chain but if you know they are, it is time to prepare for the worst.

There are all sorts of horror stories in relation to chains, and it only takes one to break down for umpteen buyers and sellers to be left in disarray.

Use your own home to your advantage

Finally, we have to make a point about your own home. Sure, you can try and pick and choose with who is actually purchasing your house, but when it comes to the crunch you can make a few changes yourself.

In truth, there are all sorts of hacks in this regard. Some sources suggest that you should use neutral decoration, while others will say that you should tap into tricks to make your house look bigger to the naked eye. Then, there is everything about curb appeal which real estate agents always rave about.

In summary, nothing will ever substitute making your home as beautiful as can be, but of course exercise caution with the amount that you spend on this.


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How to Boost the Chances of a Quick House Sale