Get Soft Beautiful Skin This Summer

By on July 17, 2013
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Warmer weather typically means showing more skin, whether in the form of a pair of shorts, short sleeves, or a bathing suit. Of course most of us don’t look like we just stepped off the set of a modeling shoot, but that doesn’t mean we should have to feel ashamed of the body we’re in! With the help of a few simple tricks, it’s easy to show off skin we’re proud of.

You’ve probably been told since you were a kid that you should wear sunscreen when you’re in the sun, but many of us neglect to rub on the SPF for the sake of a good tan. The sunburns that result from forgetting sunscreen can be somewhat painful, and sometimes a little unsightly; but even more unsightly are the wrinkles and age spots also caused by the sun. However, Twist 25 DHEA cream can help keep skin healthy and soft.

DHEA helps rejuvenate skin and improves skin hydration and softness because it is a base for sebum, more commonly known as skin oil. Twist 25 incorporates not only this base for skin oil and hormones, but also includes:

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

coconut oil
vitamin E
Coenzyme Q-10

Coconut oil is a great source of hydration and rejuvenation for dry, aging skin, while vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin to yield more youthful looking skin. In addition, DHEA has been shown in medical research studies to protect skin cells from both chemical and ultraviolet (UV) carcinogens; talk about a great addition to sunscreen!

Many believe that once sun has damage skin there’s no turning back, but this isn’t really true. When DHEA is rubbed on the skin it not only restores skin hydration, it also can help fade keratoses, commonly known as “sun spots” or “age spots”, that can naturally occur over time as a result of sun exposure. For DHEA to have these benefits, though, it must be rubbed directly onto the areas that need attention.

For example, if you have age spots on your hands or forehead, apply a dab of Twist 25 Cream to those areas to help fade the spots. Within a few weeks you should be able to feel and see the benefits of the cream, and continued usage provides more noticeable benefits. Added bonus? Twist 25 DHEA cream comes in an airport security friendly bottle so you can pack it in your carry on for your next vacation!


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Get Soft Beautiful Skin This Summer