Why Can’t I Look Like That?

By on July 16, 2013
Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Cover 2013

By Scarlett De Bease –

Why oh why can’t I or most women look as perfect as the models and celebrities I see in print? No matter how well a woman may eat, diet, exercise, or pamper her skin and mind, she just can’t seem to look as good as those ‘perfect’ models and celebrities. Thankfully, I must admit, that even my beloved clients cannot compare to the women I recently saw in a Huffington Post story about the crazy use of Photoshop on women.  Body parts are edited out in error, waists whittled down to impossible sizes, and so much more or shall I say less, all towards the goal of modeling artificial and unobtainable perfection.

But, wait, how can they compare? My naturally beautiful, and may I add, well dressed clients have not been re-touched  with Photoshop for photos like this well known actress.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide


Her legs were edited into a position even a contortionist could not achieve. It appears her right leg is attached to her left hip. In this case, who would want to look like that?
Photoshop on women
 In the picture below, the Photoshop editor forgot to thin out both legs. Wasn’t she already thin enough?
Photoshop on women
Is anybody out there as mad as I am about this?


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Why Can’t I Look Like That?