5 Keys to Own Your Dream

By on July 17, 2013
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By Janine Mason –

In order to live your dream you have to make it YOURS. Here’s an easy acronym (Y.O.U.R.S) to help you take ownership of your dream and turn it into a reality.

YES – Protect the Bigger YES Inside

In order to live your dream you will need to find and protect the bigger YES inside. Life is all about priorities. We all have many things that we would like…a better marriage, a thinner body, a new car or a trip to Europe. Most of what we want we could have, if it was a high enough priority for us and we were willing to pay the price.

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I have a friend who has always wanted to go to Paris but has not yet gone because she “does not have enough money.” That same friend spends a large proportion of her income on fancy clothes and expensive food. Her YES to those commodities, in reality, outweighs her YES for Paris.

In the same way I would like to say YES to eating chocolate cake everyday but it would go against my YES for a healthy lifestyle. In truth, I most often say NO to chocolate cake, even though I love it, because of my quest to maintain a healthy weight. When I say NO to chocolate cake I am really saying YES to health. Do I want the chocolate cake? Certainly I do! But there is a stronger YES inside of me, which is the YES to health.

What do you need to say NO to in order to protect your bigger YES? What do your decisions say is the most important YES in your life?

OWN IT – Take Ownership of Your Dream

Living your dream requires you to take ownership of your dream. At the end of the day your dream is… your dream and in order to live it you must take responsibility for that dream.

Children can still drown at a large family function where there are numerous adults present that could protect them from the dangers of the swimming pool or lake. This is because often times in that situation, the parents let their guard down thinking that the grandparents, aunts and uncles will help look out for the child. Because it is not any one person’s responsibility to watch the child, it becomes no-ones responsibility and the child is left unprotected. If  you don’t truly own your dream and realize that it is your responsibility to ‘make it happen’ your dream may drown while others watch on oblivious.

Are you willing to pay the cost for your dream? What do you need to do to take ownership and move forward?

USE What You Have in Your Hand

Many times a dream gets ambushed and waylaid because of our focus on what we lack – what we don’t have. We can get distracted to the point of powerlessness by focusing on what we don’t have.

The truth is God does not leave us without resources. Our perspective needs to be lined up with His. We need to be like the boy who offered five loaves and two fish as the solution to feeding five thousand people (see John 6)! It would have been easy for him to look and say that what he had wasn’t enough. Instead he put what he had in his hand into the hand of Jesus and saw it become more than enough.

Start with what you do have. Trust it into the hand of Jesus and watch how God will make it more than enough. Your job is to take the first step in focusing on what you do have.  What can you do? What do you have? Use what is in your hand.


In order to make your dream a reality you will need to invest resources into it. It will take an investment of time, money and effort to make your dream come to pass. What will your dream cost? Are you willing to invest those things into this dream? If not, it may not truly be your dream. Alternatively, what would need to change for you to be prepared to invest all you have into this dream?

Additionally, dreams are fulfilled in the context of relationship. Whilst your dream is your responsibility God often places within your grasp people who can help you on the journey. Who do you know that has the skills that you are needing to accomplish your dream? Who is already doing this well that you could ask for advice?

What resources are you prepared to commit in order to see this dream become reality? What relationships can you access to help you on your journey?


This may seem obvious but it is actually the thing that often undermines a dream being fulfilled. In order for your dream to happen, you need to put it in your schedule.

The business of life and the priorities of the day-to-day will often crowd out the things that are important in the long term. If you want to live your dream then truly make it a priority and give it time in your schedule. If you don’t live what is important to you, you will live what is important to someone else.

What does your schedule say is important? What do you need to schedule time for this week that will help you move towards your dream?

Originally posted at: Dream Culture.

Janine Mason has a background in people development, adult training and project management, for both non‐profit and profit‐based organizations. In addition to being a wonderful mother to four children, Janine is known for her perceptive questions that quickly help clients get to the heart of the matter and develop practical and holistic approaches for moving forward. Janine and Andy recently published their first book, Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life. Their Dream Journey DVD Workshop and accompanying workbook are also now available. www.iDreamCulture.com – See more at: http://idreamculture.com/.

About Andy & Janine Mason

This article was written by Andy and Janine Mason who are the directors of Dream Culture - a movement catalyzing people to discover and live their dreams. What began as a Dream Coaching tool has now developed into programs, classes and workshops in schools, businesses, churches and community groups. Andy and Janine are on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where they reside with their four children. For more information and resources to help you on your dream journey, see www.idreamculture.com.

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5 Keys to Own Your Dream