The Future State of Healthcare for Seniors

By on June 18, 2020

The pandemic has literally changed the way we eat, socialize, and work. It has and will change healthcare as we know it. Previously, a typical visit to your healthcare professional involves visiting them at their practice. After the visit, you may have been prescribed medication. So, you proceed to your local pharmacy. Then, you go about your day. 

Nowadays, everyone has to worry about social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing, and leaving home when it is only absolutely necessary. Older adults, like senior citizens, are placed in an age group that is at a higher risk for severe illness or cathing a rare condition needing specialized help. For this reason, telehealth or telemedicine is now the new norm when it comes to healthcare for older adults or seniors. Let’s take a look.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine or telehealth is the digital distribution of healthcare services and information through telecommunication technologies. It allows patients to contact and interact with healthcare professionals through a virtual environment. Phone calls, text messages, and video calls are all avenues that older adults can utilize when seeking telemedicine services from a provider.

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What can telemedicine do?

You might perhaps begin to wonder what telemedicine can do for you. Telemedicine services include remote admissions, healthcare professional care, advice, intervention, education, reminders, and more. It is essentially the same thing as physically visiting a healthcare professional with the exception that it will now be done remotely.

Where is telemedicine available?

Since healthcare services will be distributed through a virtual and digital environment, telemedicine is available throughout the nation. This means seniors can explore options for telemedicine in Louisiana, New York, Washington, and other states across the country.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

As mentioned, older adults are at a higher risk of severe illnesses. This will be especially apparent in the post-COVID world. Reducing risks in contracting severe illnesses is one of the main benefits of utilizing telemedicine services from a provider.

Convenience is another benefit of using telemedicine services. For instance, you may have one specialty provider that is located on one side of town while you have your primary care healthcare provider on the other. You can consolidate your visits to both providers by utilizing telemedicine services, offering unmatched convenience through video visits with doctors.

In addition to convenience, utilizing telemedicine services can also offer cost-saving benefits. As mentioned, you may have multiple providers that you routinely visit. This means costs associated with maintaining a vehicle or having to refuel frequently. Telemedicine services can help reduce costs as you will not have to leave the comfort of home.

Will you need special equipment?

Generally, you will not need special equipment to take advantage of telemedicine or telehealth services. If special equipment is needed, some providers may provide devices such as fitness trackers, remote health monitors, and other similar devices. A mobile phone (preferably a smartphone), a tablet, a laptop, and/or a computer with video capabilities are to name a few basic types of equipment you may need to begin benefitting from all that telemedicine services have to offer.

The Takeaway

The world is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Because of this, we are challenged with finding effective and efficient solutions, particularly, when it comes to healthcare. Telemedicine is one solution in the path towards the new normal of today’s society. Save money, save time, and receive high-quality care by taking advantage of telemedicine services from a provider.

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The Future State of Healthcare for Seniors