The World’s Direction Following COVID-19


The world has been in lockdown for most of the year due to COVID-19. To reduce the large scale contraction of the virus, and to give our healthcare systems the opportunity to manage the patients we have been quarantined. For many of us, our lives have been upended and turned upside down. 

I have a family that I have been quarantined with, but many of us have been home alone. Maybe these single people have a pet to keep them company and distract them from work and boredom. I have also been fortunate to be able to work from home and continue to generate income for my family’s needs. Our food expenses have skyrocketed!

Re-opening life after COVID-19

Many states, cities, and municipalities are starting to relax the “Stay at Home” orders that have been in place for the last couple of weeks. It is exciting to see the light at the end of this tunnel. However, what does it really mean for us as the governments tell us that it is “safe” to leave our houses?

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How many people have contracted the virus

As I write this, there have been 1,064,353 confirmed cases of COVID-19. In the United States, we have a population of over 328 million people. Therefore the percentage of the population that has been confirmed to have had the virus represents 0.03% of the population. Even if double the amount of people were actually in contact with and had little to no symptoms. They would not have been tested even though they had contracted the virus. We still have less than 1% of our population with any sort of immunity to the virus. Compare this number to an immunization percentage of 94%. Our immunizations have been said to ward off the contraction of dangerous diseases, but this is only achieved with widespread immunizations.

Everyone has been impacted

I personally know someone who has lost their life due to this pandemic. I know people who tested positive and have been cleared by the doctors. We live ina world that is interconnected, that each of us knows at least one person in these positions.

Who has contracted COVID-19

One of the strangest things I have encountered during this quarantine is how people want to maintain a distance. I am a people person and extrovert who thrives on interacting with people. Being shut out leaves me drained and easily depressed.

People are not aware of who has had or has overcome the virus. Based on this, it is easy to understand that everyone will keep to themselves a still after the re-opening.

How does the re-opening look

You can assume with such a low percentage of people actually testing positive for the Coronavirus strain, you most likely will not come in contact with someone that has, or has had the virus. Having said that, the percentage in New York city of people testing positive is 66 times higher than the national average. 


While heading back to work and getting back to life may be essential to you experiencing life again, you may need to re-evaluate your summer vacation plans. Perhaps get out of your house and head to a local vacation spot. Flying into a part of the country that has been experiencing such high rates of cases is probably not the best idea.


In order for companies to welcome employees, that have been working remotely, back onto their campus they will need to rethink the office. I’m not too sure that air conditioners and other central air systems will help with the 6ft distancing. After all, they are designed to spread the air evenly throughout the building. Speak to your employer about your concerns. Work with them and understand that no one really has the answer.


We all love to be surrounded by our friends and family. The reality is that you can not obtain a virus from someone that doesn’t have it. While you may be concerned heading out into the world, be cautiously adventurous. We all need to get out and join our communities after being coupled up for quite some time. However, be cautious and ask those that you will be with about their other interactions and exposure.

While the percentage of people that you come in contact with who may have been infected is low, there is a concern in that. With so few people having built up an immunity to it, we are still very susceptible to this coming back with great force. 

Moving On

Like you, many other people have patiently followed the guidelines of the quarantine for the greater good of the communities that they live in. We do though need to find a balance in restarting the economy and giving people the opportunity to escape their homes. There has been an increase in domestic violence incidents and without the ability for people to escape only aggravates it. 

Consider for yourself, your level of risk. Do you have a strong immune system or not? If you are more likely to be compromised, remove yourself a little more from larger groups and gatherings. Every life matters and is important, so be safe!

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The World’s Direction Following COVID-19
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