Tips for Protecting an Older Loved One

By on June 18, 2020
Older loved one

It’s natural to worry about an older loved one. If you have a parent or relative over the age of 65, you may be entering the stage where roles are reversed and you now feel responsible for protecting them. 

There are ways you can make a senior loved one feel more comfortable and secure during their retirement. With the following tips you can ensure they can relax and enjoy the later years:

Health Insurance

The government offers Original Medicare to seniors 65 and older. There are a few conditions, including work status and residency, but most people will be eligible. Once accepted they will have access to Part A and Part B. Part A insurance is for hospital stays and at-home care. Part B is used for doctor’s visits, tests, and medical supplies. A Medicare Part D plan is an optional extra and is used to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

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Additional coverage may be needed for services like dental and vision, and Original Medicare can be boosted with a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). These plans usually include Part D, lower copays, and a single monthly bill.

Preventative Medicine

You are probably familiar with the phrase “prevention is better than cure.” When it comes to healthcare this is certainly true. You can make sure your senior loved one has access to the right preventative services as this will help them remain independent.

Regular tests, checkups, and visits with specialists such as physiotherapists and dietitians will ensure they are living a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging them to be active can also keep them feeling strong and happy. There will likely be local senior groups available such as synchronized swimming, walking, tennis, or lawn bowls. With one of these options, they can keep active and make new friends at the same time.

Regular Communication

Seniors who live by themselves can feel lonely, and you can give them something to look forward to by visiting regularly. This will be easier if you have siblings or children who can also participate, particularly when your senior loved one needs ongoing assistance. Another way to empower them is to help them set up a video chat and teach them how to make and receive calls from friends and family. 

Risk Reduction

Reducing risks for your loved one will help keep them safe. Ensure any maintenance jobs are up to date and their home is secure. As we age there is a greater risk of falls, and installing rails and a medical alarm could prove to be useful.

If they are frail they may have difficulty cooking, and you can remove this pressure by enrolling them in a meal delivery service. Think about whether or not it is still safe for them to drive, and consider helping them access other transportation methods.

The Wrap Up

You can protect an older loved one by understanding their unique needs. Help them stay active with preventative treatments and encourage them to sign up for community fitness groups. Keep in contact regularly to monitor their situation and help them feel connected. If they are living on their own, minimize any risks to create a safe environment. 

With your support the senior in your life will be more likely to safely enjoy their golden years.

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Tips for Protecting an Older Loved One