Never Finished

By on May 1, 2013

By Peggy Still–

After a long week at the office, a Saturday filled with errands and chores, and Sunday afternoons spent writing, I fall into bed and wonder aloud, “Will my work ever be finished?” I know I am not alone in my questioning for every wife, mother, and working woman feels this way.

Through the agony on the cross Christ in his humanity must too have asked the Father, “Will this ever be finished?” Once the work of redemption, reconciliation with the Father, the revelation of grace, and the manifestation of His glory was complete, Jesus was finally able to say, “It is finished.” (John 19:30 KJV). This wasn’t the end, but the beginning of renewed creation.

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It is because of the work of the cross we cannot be finished yet. In fact, it is only the beginning, for we are the new creation for which He died. Before we can say we are finished every aspect of our personal lives must be transformed by the power of the cross. What in your life is yet unfinished? What still remains to be surrendered at the foot of the cross?

It is ours to now wonder about the work yet to do. We can never be finished with our calling until every person in the world has the opportunity to hear the glorious gospel. It is our work to reach out to those who the Lord puts on our agenda for affirmation, concern, and caring so that we can communicate with grace the forgiveness of Calvary.

Christ’s earthly purpose was completed on the cross, but that was not the end for us. It is for us to pick up the cross until the rest of the work is finished. It is because of our redemption that we are not yet finished.

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Never Finished