Exercising and Eating Right to Rev Up Your Metabolism

By on May 1, 2013

By Andrea Warshaw Wernick –

5 Easy Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Faster

1) Eat Salmon! It’s loaded with protein and great for burning fat. “The Omega-3s in it will help to make your metabolism more efficient, slowing digestion and preventing cravings. That’s a plus!

2) Oil Up! It’s a fact that some oil is good for you! In fact, Olive Oil not only helps with your brain functions but also revs your metabolism and helps you burn more body fat!

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3) Eat Protein! Try to eat lean protein at every meal. Lean protein naturally helps your body burn calories besides keeping you full all day! Who doesn’t love that?

4) Drink lots of water! A dehydrated body slows down your metabolism and increases hunger. You have to be drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated and not Coca-Cola ladies!

5) Eat SMALLER meals through out the day. That will keep your metabolism constantly running. 3-4 “smaller “healthy meals a day.


New York City lifestyle and anti aging coach, Andrea Warshaw Wernick launched her go-to informational website www.fabatanyage.com to address the issues that women over 50 are facing. Andrea, along with her team of experts, is committed to helping mature women, who are living the second chapter of their lives, overcome obstacles. Andrea’s tips and advice on beauty, health, fitness, relationships are inspirational. She is in her 60s but looks 40 because she believes that you have to “keep on moving” to be fit and fabulous. She specializes in helping mature women and those recovering from a serious illness or injury to get fit. Andrea says, “There aren’t many guarantees in life but working out can be one. By working out you can see and control your results. It has to become a part of your daily routine.” Remember if we look good, we feel good.

About Andrea Warshaw Wernick

New York City lifestyle and anti aging coach, Andrea Warshaw Wernick is dedicated to helping mature women live better. Find Andrea and her dream team of experts on her informational website, (http://fabatanyage.com/fabulousforever/)Andrea's tips and advice on beauty, health, fitness and relationships are inspirational. Her number one tip is to "keep on moving" to look and feel your best.

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Exercising and Eating Right to Rev Up Your Metabolism